14 Thoughts From The Back Of The Garbage Truck

14 Thoughts From The Back Of The Garbage Truck

Maggots *gags*

My summer job as a city worker entails the enthralling job of garbage pick up. And let me tell you, there is nothing more fun than riding on the back of a metal garbage truck on an 85-degree day while it's filled with 10 tons of garbage.

Now please, I warn you, read with sarcasm. These thoughts have been floating through my head all summer, and some of them will probably make you think twice about your garbage. I write these thoughts as a tribute to my last week on garbage duty.

1. How do you have THIS MUCH garbage?

You would be surprised by how much garbage some people can put out week after week. How on earth do you go through this much?

2. 64-gallon garbage can? No problem, I'm super woman.

If it is heavy for you, it is heavy for me. Our city has a rule that if you have a garbage can that is deemed too big (generally around 64 gallons) you must have everything bagged. Let me know when you lift up a 64-gallon Toter garbage can and dump out the little plastic bags you stuck at the bottom of it. I'll be waiting to hear from your chiropractor about it, too.

3. Yes, thank you for keeping your can out in the rain all week so that it is ten times heavier because it is half full of water.

You go to lift a can and you just about through out your back as you hear everything slosh inside. Time to dump it on its side and watch the water gush out. Almost as cool as going to the Wisconsin Dells! Not.

4. Oh wow, the raccoons got your garbage? Maybe get a garbage can then?

Week after week people will have garbage spewed across their lawn because animals got into it and ripped the flimsy plastic bag apart. GET A CAN!

5. Maggots *gags*.

Enough said there. Clean your cans out people!

6. We haven't picked up those very large glass doors for the past month for a reason, THEY DON'T FIT IN THE TRUCK!

You will be surprised what people think can fit in the back o the garbage truck. Would you like the cycle to break all that glass and have your car run over it? Didn't think so. Get the message, we aren't picking it up. It will continue to sit in your lawn till you do something about it.

7. Ah yes, of course we will take all of your recyclable glass and cardboard; the environment can handle it.

The number amount of people who don't recycle are overwhelming. I get you had a party and that bag of cans is probably easier to throw away than to separate into the recycling, but please for the environment's sake, recycle them.

8. Cat litter, dirt, or human body?

The ever eluding, fun game of what is making this can so freaking heavy? Be the nice people who set it on the side. Except for your bodies, please dispose of those elsewhere.

9. Thank you for hiding that disgusting piece of trash in the can so it will strategically fall out and get all over me. I really appreciate it.

That amount of random disgusting things that have fallen on me because people don't know how to properly tie up a garbage bag is overwhelming. Don't be that person.

10. Oh look, I could probably turn this into a craft, I'm keeping this.

True stuff. I have done this. As I have been told, "The streets will provide."

11. HAHAHAHA, as if.

Some of the things you see on garbage this is really the only response you can have. Some people, I tell ya.

12. Oh wow, must have been a mattress sale.

You are on your third mattress and you aren't even 2 hours into pick up. Yes, we do put the mattresses in the back in crush them. Magical isn't it.

13. Couch, couch, couch, futon, sofa sleeper, 1,2,3 LIFT.

Sofa sleepers should be illegal. Again, if it was heavy for you, it is heavy for us. A few of those in a day will really throw the back into a great whack.

14. I'm judging you by your garbage.

I see that you have three different pizza boxes from three different places. You like pizza, huh? You don't like cooking, huh?

So, when you put out your garbage next time, think of us.


The Garbage People

Cover Image Credit: MetroBoston Trash Trucks

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15 Things Only Lake People Will Understand

There's no other place you'd rather be in the summer.

The people that spend their summers at the lake are a unique group of people. Whether you grew up going to the lake, have only recently started going, or have only been once or twice, you know it takes a certain kind of person to be a lake person. To the long-time lake people, the lake holds a special place in your heart, no matter how dirty the water may look. Every year when summer rolls back around, you can't wait to fire up the boat and get back out there. Here is a list of things you can probably identify with as a fellow lake-goer.

1. A bad day at the lake is still better than a good day not at the lake.

It's your place of escape, where you can leave everything else behind and just enjoy the beautiful summer day. No matter what kind of week you had, being able to come and relax without having to worry about anything else is the best therapy there is. After all, there's nothing better than a day of hanging out in the hot sun, telling old funny stories and listening to your favorite music.

2. You know the best beaches and coves to go to.

Whether you want to just hang out and float or go walk around on a beach, you know the best spots. These often have to be based on the people you're with, given that some "party coves" can get a little too crazy for little kids on board. I still have vivid memories from when I was six that scared me when I saw the things drunk girls would do for beads.

3. You have no patience for the guy who can’t back his trailer into the water right.

When there's a long line of trucks waiting to dump their boats in the water, there's always that one clueless guy who can't get it right, and takes 5 attempts and holds up the line. No one likes that guy. One time my dad got so fed up with a guy who was taking too long that he actually got out of the car and asked this guy if he could just do it for him. So he got into the guy's car, threw it in reverse, and got it backed in on the first try. True story.

4. Doing the friendly wave to every boat you pass.

Similar to the "jeep wave," almost everyone waves to other boats passing by. It's just what you do, and is seen as a normal thing by everyone.

5. The cooler is always packed, mostly with beer.

Alcohol seems to be a big part of the lake experience, but other drinks are squeezed into the room remaining in the cooler for the kids, not to mention the wide assortment of chips and other foods in the snack bag.

6. Giving the idiot who goes 30 in a "No Wake

Zone" a piece of your mind.

There's nothing worse than floating in the water, all settled in and minding your business, when some idiot barrels through. Now your anchor is loose, and you're left jostled by the waves when it was nice and perfectly still before. This annoyance is typically answered by someone yelling some choice words to them that are probably accompanied by a middle finger in the air.

7. You have no problem with peeing in the water.

It's the lake, and some social expectations are a little different here, if not lowered quite a bit. When you have to go, you just go, and it's no big deal to anyone because they do it too.

8. You know the frustration of getting your anchor stuck.

The number of anchors you go through as a boat owner is likely a number that can be counted on two hands. Every once in a while, it gets stuck on something on the bottom of the lake, and the only way to fix the problem is to cut the rope, and you have to replace it.

9. Watching in awe at the bigger, better boats that pass by.

If you're the typical lake-goer, you likely might have an average sized boat that you're perfectly happy with. However, that doesn't mean you don't stop and stare at the fast boats that loudly speed by, or at the obnoxiously huge yachts that pass.

10. Knowing any swimsuit that you own with white in it is best left for the pool or the ocean.

You've learned this the hard way, coming back from a day in the water and seeing the flowers on your bathing suit that were once white, are now a nice brownish hue.

11. The momentary fear for your life as you get launched from the tube.

If the driver knows how to give you a good ride, or just wants to specifically throw you off, you know you're done when you're speeding up and heading straight for a big wave. Suddenly you're airborne, knowing you're about to completely wipe out, and you eat pure wake. Then you get back on and do it all again.

12. You're able to go to the restaurants by the water wearing minimal clothing.

One of the many nice things about the life at the lake is that everybody cares about everything a little less. Rolling up to the place wearing only your swimsuit, a cover-up and flip flops, you fit right in. After a long day when you're sunburned, a little buzzed, and hungry, you're served without any hesitation.

13. Having unexpected problems with your boat.

Every once in a while you're hit with technical difficulties, no matter what type of watercraft you have. This is one of the most annoying setbacks when you're looking forward to just having a carefree day on the water, but it's bound to happen. This is just one of the joys that come along with being a boat owner.

14. Having a name for your boat unique to you and your life.

One of the many interesting things that make up the lake culture is the fact that many people name their boats. They can range from basic to funny, but they are unique to each and every owner, and often have interesting and clever meanings behind them.

15. There's no better place you'd rather be in the summer.

Summer is your all-time favorite season, mostly because it's spent at the lake. Whether you're floating in the cool water under the sun, or taking a boat ride as the sun sets, you don't have a care in the world at that moment. The people that don't understand have probably never experienced it, but it's what keeps you coming back every year.

Cover Image Credit: Haley Harvey

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I Went scuba diving in Thailand, and it was amazing

Thailand has amazing diving off the coast and left me breathless!

Pear B
Pear B

My scuba diving license is one of the best licenses that I have ever gotten. I became open water certified so that I can pursue underwater archaeology and with that experience, I fell in love with scuba diving. I spent the past two summers doing scientific diving so my experience recreational diving was limited to none. To expand my recreational diving I booked a trip in early December to Pattaya and one in April to Patong, Phuket to scuba dive.

The scuba diving off the coast of Pattaya took me to the Gulf of Thailand where I dove on lots of coral and a shipwreck as well. The coral was really spread out and pretty. There were lots of animals that call the coral home: such as clown fish, angel fish, barracuda, eels, and more fish than I can name. The number of fish I can name is a little limited. The wreck dive, which was called Hardeep, showed us some blue spotted stingrays, eels, and lots of sea urchins. This was my first time doing recreational diving and I loved it. I was able to see lots of cool fish and coral, experience amazing visibility, and have a great time diving. I learned how to correct my diving because my form was a little off and I wasn't staying super straight in the water.

Doing scientific diving before I thought I knew what to experience with the wreck but actually diving on a full wreck that had most of its pieces was so different and so much fun. This wreck wasn't the same as the wreck I have done with archaeology and I loved it. I was able to go inside the ship and see parts of where people lived, where some worked, where people ate, and where they went to relax. It was different than scientific diving because everything about the wreck was already known so I did not have to do research on the wreck; I just had to enjoy swimming through and around it to see everything it had to offer.

After Pattaya, I didn't have time to go diving again until May when I took a trip down to Patong, Phuket before school started. I went down to Phuket to go scuba diving off the Phi Phi Islands and let me tell you that this was some of the best diving I have done! Even though it was the off-season the diving was still breathtaking. The corals were full of bright colors and there were so many fish there that I swimming in a dream. I was swimming in schools of fish was absolutely worth every moment, clown fish, lobsters, sea turtles, and many more that I was living my "Finding Nemo" dreams.

I was able to see the famous Phi Phi islands and eat lunch at the same beach in the movie "The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio." The boat took us to the beach, Maya Bay, where we were able to swim in the Bay and eat lunch at the same time without having to deal with all the people on the beach. Diving around the Phi Phi islands was full of brightly colored corals and animals. After diving around the Phi Phi Islands we went to dive at Shark Point and even though I didn't see any sharks I saw some super cool corals and animals.

The whole experience in Phuket was so much fun and colorful. There was wonderful diving from an amazing diving company and good company. I saw my first wild sea turtle, some breathtaking coral, and schools of fish. I can't wait to dive recreationally again both Pattaya and Phuket were everything I could have imagined and I cannot wait to see more of the ocean.

In Phuket, I dove with Aussie Divers and I would 10/10 recommend this company. They put the clients first, taught us more about the fish we saw, had amazing food (I mean amazing food), and made the whole trip so much fun! This company is a company I would go to again and again.

Diving in Phuket-Phi Phi IslandsKatheryn Byrnes

Diving in Phuket-Phi Phi IslandsKatheryn Byrnes

Diving in Pattaya-Samae San IslandsKatheryn Byrnes

Cover Image Credit:

dipndive.com By Dive Gear

Pear B
Pear B

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