14 Things To Get Your Dude on February 14
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14 Things To Get Your Dude On February 14

As Valentine's Day approaches... It might be hard to figure out what to get that special someone.

14 Things To Get Your Dude On February 14
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Disclaimer: All of these items are off of Amazon… so you better start your prime shopping ASAP before the holiday! It also depends on how much you're willing to spend on him!

1. No better way to bond lovers than with FOOD. Buy your honey an Instant Pot three quart multi-cooker for quick and easy dinner date nights at home.

Instant Pot

2. Maybe your guy needs to some help keeping a clean shave, snag him the Philips Norelco Razor/Shaver to make his mornings quieter, quick, and easy!

Philips Norelco

3. Is he prone to losing his keys, phone, wallet or any other items RIGHT before you go to walk out the door? Make life easier with a 'tile'. Ring your things: Use your smartphone to make your Tile Pro ring when it's nearby but out of sight


4. Do you guys have a pet? Get him this "Proud Dog Parent" mug for his morning coffee!

Pet lover's mug

5. Do you guys argue about what you're going to do or where you're going to eat! Buy this date night box to avoid that!

Date Night Box Ideas

6. One word. Yeti. Snag this yeti thermos to keep his coffee hot and his drinks cold! $19.99 is a steal, plus get it in his favorite color!

Yeti Thermos

7. Heated blanket! This could low-key be a gift for you both, with the winter months sticking by… this could be the perfect cuddle asset!

Heated Blanket


8. Games! "What do you meme?" is one example of a very popular game for couples, families, and friend groups. A timeless gift for a couple who loves to laugh!


9. "Scratch the World" map. Whether you met because of traveling or plan to travel together... This scratch-off map could be a great asset to a house or apartment. Make plans for your next trip to scratch off!

Scratch-able World Map

10. A new wallet. You know how raggedy and bulky his wallet looks when he takes it out to pay at places. Get him a newer and slimmer wallet to keep his money and cards organized!

New Wallet

11. My boyfriend can't be the only one obsessed with Fortnite, right? Whether he uses an Xbox or Playstation, get him a charging station for his gaming controllers!

Controller Charger

12. Is your boyfriend constantly stinking up the bathroom? Order him the Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray! I think this could easily be the key to saving a relationship right?!

Poo-poo Pourri

13. Get him his favorite 6 pack with this Valentine's day themed greeting beer holder! Leave him a sweet love note!

Beer Holder

14. Maybe it's because I date a wrestler who is always hungry... But why not grab him up a "HANGRY kit" to get him through his school or work week. Amazon does it all for you! You'll win Valentine's Day every time with food!

Hangry Snack Pack

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