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Let's face it, "The Office" is one of the best shows to ever hit television. With it's subtle and in-your-face humor, there's at least one joke in every episode that really gets you. Here are 14 gifts that anyone who loves "The Office" will die over.

1. A T-Shirt


You could get your friend or loved one a standard Dunder Mifflin shirt, but I suggest getting one that's just a little more subtle to the show. Obviously, a Schrute Farms t-shirt is a no-brainer that it comes from "The Office," but to someone who has never watched the show, they'll assume it's an actual farm. Jokes on them. It's a great shirt.

2. "World's Best Boss" Mug


Once again, you could get the person a gift that says Dunder Mifflin on it, but this mug is a staple to the show. They can channel their inner Michael Scott and be as crazy as they want to be, because, well, they get to be the "World's Best Boss."

3. A Pillow


This is one of those things that nobody would ever ask for, but if they got it, there's no doubt they would love it. It's a humorous Dwight/Jim staple that is as comfortable as it is great.

4. A Dwight Bobblehead


I mean, c'mon. How could you not get an "Office" fan their own Dwight bobblehead? It's super unconventional and will just collect dust, but if someone loves the show then this gift is a shoe in.

5. Clue: "The Office" Edition


This one is a little less on the nose but just as good. Board games are already great gifts because once you're done opening presents, you can break it out and have fun. Any fan of the show will without a doubt geek over this gift.

6. A Dundie Award


A Dundie Award is definitely a little pricier than some of the other options I included, but it will for sure get a laugh and a huge hug from your friend. They'll love it as much as Michael loves his.

7. "The Office" Sign


This is a great stocking stuffer or actual present for a friend. Get this sign and a mug, and you're giving a great gift set. It can be stuck on a fridge, on a bedroom door, or even at an office. Who knows? The opportunities are endless.

8. "That's What She Said" Poster


If you've watched "The Office" you'll get it, and most importantly, so will the fan you're giving this too. There's also a Dwight one that's really great too.

9. A Classic "The Office" Print


This is for every art and "The Office" lover. You'll be a shoe-in for being their favorite gift this year with this out-of-the-box present.

10. "The Office" Complete Series


Not the most creative present, but if the lover of "The Office" in your life doesn't have their own DVD copy of the show, it definitely should be considered. Yes, I know, it's all on Netflix, but we also thought "Lost" would be on the streaming site forever too and...

11. "Dwight You Ignorant Slut" Mug


Listen, I had to include it in some way. I couldn't leave "Dwight you ignorant slut" out of a gift guide. It's either a mug, a poster, shirt or pillow, so you decide.

12. Dwights K. Schrie Desk Sign


If you have a friend who actively uses their desk, or if they work in an actual office with a desk, this could be a really great funny, and usable, gift.

13. Pam's "The Office" Painting


You didn't think I would forget about this masterpiece, did you? Now you can't forget to give it as a gift either.

14. "The Office" Sticker Set


I don't know who in the world would need this many stickers or where someone would put them all, but somehow, it's still a must. I also really loved these ones, so you can choose which are better for your friend or family member.

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