The 14 Best Songs To Scream To In The Car*

Whether you've had a rough week with the fam, are heading out for a night of fun, or are at the beginning of a long road trip, these are the 14 best songs to rock out to in your car (plus one whole album). Feel free to comment below on what songs you love to rock out to!

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1. "Don't Threaten me with a Good Time"—Panic! At the Disco

Or really, the entire "Death of a Bachelor" album besides "Impossible Year". Don't judge me, Panic! At the Disco is fun. And Brendon Urie can belt, man.

2. "Come on Eileen"—Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Classic sing-along song. "Da Lou ray ayyee"… or something along those lines.

3. "Tear in my Heart"—Twenty One Pilots

Josh on the DRUMS. They’re the tear in my heart. TBH, I crowd-surfed during this song in concert, so I may be biased.

4. "Fourth of July"—Fall Out Boy

Off their latest album and masterpiece, " American Beauty/ American Psycho", "Fourth of July" is one of many exciting songs to learn very word and blast along a highway at night.

5. "Blow Your Mind"—Dua Lipa

It’s kind of basic, but it’s so catchy. So sassy. So fun. Don’t judge.

6. "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough"—Marvin Gaye

*Corresponding hand gestures required.* “Ain’t no valley LOOOWWWW enough!”

7. "Respect"—Aretha Franklin

Sing it, Aretha. Not only is this song monumentally important for social reasons, but it’s also downright empowering to badly belt out to.

8. "Can’t Stop the Feeling!"—Justin Timberlake

Oh JT, you’ve done it again. Honestly, just marry me. Damn, you Jessica Beil! Just kidding, your family is beautiful.

9. "Rich Girl"—Hall & Oates

By the second listen, you will be head-banging along. This is especially good if you're screaming in your car after a breakup.

10. "Bohemian Rhapsody"—Queen

OK, so maybe I don’t know ALL the words, but I sing the lyrics, the backup vocals, and the guitar solos, so back off.

11. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)"—Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder, SLAY me. Honestly, this is just catchy and great to sing along in funny voices with.

12. "Ship To Wreck"—Florence and The Machine

This song is the definition of arm flailing fun. Bonus: watch the music video and try to pick up some of those sick dance moves.

13. "Dearly Departed"—Shakey graves (ft. Esmé Patterson)

It’s a little bit of classic country and alternative rock, a great duet to clap along to. If you can clap on beat to the "Friends" theme song, you can handle this.

14. "Stacy’s Mom"—Fountains of Wayne

You will never hit the guitar beat at the right time, but that’s OK.

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