14 Perfect Friendships, As Told By Disney
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14 Perfect Friendships, As Told By Disney

Disney best friends show what friendship is all about.

14 Perfect Friendships, As Told By Disney

Disney best friends are what friendship is all about.

Disney is one of many examples of true friends and know you have found them. Have you ever just looked at the world through Disney movie magic? I have and here are fourteen signs that you have found your true friend.

From Popular animated Disney Movies to Disney Channel Series, friendship is an important factor.

1. Lilo and Stitch

They hate fighting with you because you are the only one they want to talk to about it.

2. Copper and Todd

Others’ opinions of y’all’s friendship does not matter. Staying friends even when the world tells you no. They will risk their life to be there for you in a heartbeat.

3. Winnie the Pooh and Friends

You always know they have your back even if you cannot see them. This is squad goals right here, because these seven know how to be there for one another like no one else.

4. Joy and Sadness

They hate seeing you sad. They will go to the ends of the earth, just to see you smile just one time. Your best friends is the positive voice that helps build up your confident daily. They listen even when they have heard it a million times.

5. Tiana and Charlotte

That guy or gal embraces who you are, and never wants you to change for a significant other or anyone for that matter. Love you for who you are on the outside and inside.

6. Carl and Ellie

Including you in their daily life is their top priority. Adventure is out there! You are their favorite adventure buddy.

7. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

They will love you even when you get mad and red in the face. Peter loved Tinkerbell even though she got jealous of Wendy. The love is stronger than any fight can break.

8. Woody, Jesse, and Bullseye

Singing and dancing like crazy is their motto. They love to have jam out sessions with you in the car or anywhere for that matter. If there is music, your best friend will be dancing like a total crazy person, but they are your crazy weirdo.

9. Sully, Mike, and Boo

A friend sees the best in you no matter if you act like a monster or not. The famous trio is known for not always being friends, but by the end, there is nothing they would not do for each other. Even the smallest best friend sees the good in you.

10. Lightning McQueen and Mater

They let you dream big. They are your number one fan in the crowd.

11. Mr. Incredible and Frozone

When trouble comes a knocking, they are right there beside you helping save the day. Two is better than one, especially if you are fighting crime.

12. Miley and Lilly/ Hannah and Lola

They know every part of you. Inside jokes, secrets and favorite places. Miley and Lilly are the perfect example, because no matter how weird situations get, they still love each other for who they are.

13. Riley and Maya

Deep talks are much more special coming from your best friend. Sometimes you just need someone who is experiencing the same thing to lean on. They want to help because seeing you down makes them upset. Friendship is a big deal to these two, because friends are forever especially when they feel like family.

14. Mickey Mouse and Pluto

They care about you! A true friend cares about you no matter what you do.

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