14 Undeniable Reasons Why Randall Pearson Is The Best Character On 'This Is Us'

14 Undeniable Reasons Why Randall Pearson Is The Best Character On 'This Is Us'

Sorry not sorry, Jack Pearson.


You have been warned.

Alright, so I know what you're thinking. 'How the hell can Randall Pearson be the best "This Is Us" character? Jack Pearson is obviously the best!' Which, yes, okay, you're not wrong. Think of it this way: Jack had is own struggles and was just as flawed as his wife and children. And to put it plainly: Jack isn't around anymore. We may still be able to watch him in the past, but "current" life is still carrying on without his physical presence, as much as it hurts to admit.

Randall has all of the good qualities of his father, just with a dose of insecurity thrown in. This helps him easily knock Kevin, Kate and Rebecca out of the running.

Kevin has, unfortunately, made himself into a bit of a passive villain throughout the show thus far, with his treatment of Randall as kids and his inherent selfishness.

Kate, while a solidly independent woman, has allowed her insecurities to take over her life, affecting her relationship with her family and Toby.

I don't think I have to explain much about Rebecca: By attempting to "protect" her family, which she arguably didn't want in the first place, she caused all of them a world of unnecessary pain. I think you see where I'm going with this.

That being said, here are 10 reasons why Randall Pearson is the best character on "This Is Us":

1. His relationship with his father

2. He's married to possibly the greatest human on Earth: Beth

3. His excitement over the thought of eating burgers in bed

4. Despite what Kevin put him through as kids, Randall is still there for him...

5. ...but he was never afraid to stand up to him when he wasn't being treated right

6. His very real fear of upsetting his mother

7. He loves his job, even though no one really understands what he does

8. He and Beth have the most adorable children in the world

9. And let's not forget how cute he was as a kid

10. He's not afraid to tease his siblings when they bring a significant other home

11. His competitive streak

12. His incredible capacity for emotion...

13. ...and his incredible ability to forgive

14. The fact that when it came down to it, he really just needed some assurance from his father (even if it was fueled by and accidental high)

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