Everyone already knows that "The Incredibles" is an all-time classic, and that it appeals to both children and adults. Here are the 12 iconic quotes, in no order, that solidify the greatness of one of Pixar's greatest works of art, "The Incredibles."

1. "That was totally wicked!" - Boy on Tricycle

2. "No capes!" - Edna Mode

3. "You want me to intervene?! OK, I'm intervening!" - Mr. Incredible

4. "Coincidence?! I think not!" - Bernie

5. "Pull yourself together!" - Edna Mode

6. "We're dead! We survived but we're dead!" - Dash

7. "I never look back, darling. It distracts me from the now." - Edna Mode

8. "You sly dog! You had me monologuing." - Syndrome

9. "Behold, the Underminer! I'm always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me!" - Underminer

10. "And when everyone's super, no one will be." - Syndrome

11. "How ya doing, honey?" - Mr. Incredible

12. "I'm sorry, ma'am! I know you're upset!" - Bob Parr

13. "I'm not happy, Bob. Not. Happy." - Bob's boss

And of course:

14. Frozone: "Where - is - my - super - suit?"

Wife: "I, uh, put it away."

Frozone: "The public is in danger!"

Wife: "My evening's in danger!"

Frozone: "You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!"

Wife: "'Greater good?' I am your wife! I'm the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!"