14 Questions People with Half Siblings are Tired of Answering
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14 Questions People with Half Siblings are Tired of Answering

14 Questions People with Half Siblings are Tired of Answering

"When you're young and dreaming of your family, you think of this perfect family; perfect wife, perfect kids. Look at me, I got this sorry bunch. But you know I wouldn't trade them for anything." - Jay Pritchett

Today's families are moving further away from the traditional nuclear structure. Homes are made up of grandparents, step parents, exchange students, and if you are lucky, some species of exotic pet.

We even see these unique families celebrated everyday in our favorite movies and shows like Blended and Modern Family. My personal "modern family" includes parents, sisters, labradoodles and two half brothers.

Before I get into this listicle I'd like to make a most necessary distinction. When referring to siblings, the term "half" is not synonymous with "step". The Legal Dictionary website defines half siblings as " Persons who have the same father but different mothers; or the same mother but different fathers."

As the younger sister of two goofy, protective half brothers these are a few questions I know am sick of answering, and i'm sure others in the same situation are too.

1) Why are your half siblings so much older/ younger than you?

2) Oh so they aren't like your real siblings.

3) Why don't they live with you?

4) Do they hate your mom/ dad?

5) Do you hate their mom/dad?

6) Do they call it half because you are only around each other half the time that real siblings are?

I'm sorry, but what?!

7) Are you sure you don't mean step?

Which is often quickly followed by...

8) Aren't they the same thing?

9) Do you have the same grandparents?

10) How awkward is it to see their family at weddings and stuff?

11) Are they allowed to be in your family portraits?

12) Do they consider your pets their pets too?

13) Are they allowed to give you organs?

And finally,

14) Why don't you just refer to them as "half" all the time, I get confused when you don't.

This offensive question is not only hurtful, but extremely ignorant. Sure you could describe families like mine as confusing and chaotic. I'm sorry, but we don't live in the 1950's anymore. Mixed families are indeed filled with chaos and confusion, but in the midst of it all there is humor, protection and most of all, love.

While the term "half" may be politically correct it is in no way accurate. My "half" brothers were not half there when they made my buried body into a a fat sand mermaid with droopy boobs at the beach.

They never gave half the effort when they played the same stupid boardwalk game for an hour so that they could win me the biggest - and most pointless- stuffed Hello Kitty on display.

And even though they were states away, they weren't half there for me when our dad was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

So excuse me for forgetting to use the politically correct adjective, because to me they are completely real and full. Siblings are siblings, are fortunately, we are stuck with them.

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