14 Things That Make Lacey Township A Special Town
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14 Things That Make Lacey Township A Special Town

We all say we want to leave, but we know we can't.

14 Things That Make Lacey Township A Special Town

Lacey Township. The small town off exit 74. The town where limited people even know of its existence. Living in a small shore town, you don't think much could happen... but only we know how truly wrong that is. We are a town known for many things; a town that somehow we can't leave. There are some things that make our town something... special, I guess you could say.

These are some things we all know that make little ole LTown stand out:

1. Did you say "Deest?"

A word that was created by a teacher and his students that originally was used to describe something that was extremely good or awesome. A word, that sooner or later, our rivals turned into something it wasn't. No, it does not mean "a synchronized act or mutual masturbation." Thanks to Central, we no longer can use the word without the possibility of being suspended.

2. Dog Searches.

Ahhhhh... yes... for those of you who attended Lacey Township High School in 2013 know this all too well. As you looked out the windows of the school, you saw a lineup of news trucks and police officers. Lacey became one of the first towns to publicize the use of dogs in a drug search through the high school. Lacey became famous as numerous news channels flashed videos of the dogs making their rounds through the halls.

3. JT's Bagel Hut.

God bless the person who made this place, but, truth be told, there is no bagel better than a JT's bagel. Students could be found there at 6:30 a.m. to grab a bagel before school. Nothing will be worse than having to wake up super early during a 2-hour delay in order to get yourself a bagel because we all know the majority of the school will be there. Everyone has their favorite bagel, but we all know, in order to get the french toast bagel, you have to be there at the perfect time.

4. Prom Mom.

We can never forget this one. If you don't know who Prom Mom is... do you even go here? But seriously, I'm not getting into details so if you really want to know then type it into Google and Wikipedia can give you all you need to know. It has even been used in television shows..

5. Caffrey's Tavern.

If you live in Lacey and have never gone to Caffrey's then you are missing out. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual and sports-filled. While attending Lacey High School and on a sports team, I guarantee your team celebrated a win at Caffs. Not only is the food amazing, but the popcorn is addicting. I personally can eat 6 bowls by myself. The wings and pizza are some of the best in town and there is no better place to eat than surrounded by only locals.

6. Arthur Buckel.

A time when anyone and everyone thought that they were a detective. Locals hopped in their cars and drove around just in hopes to find him. Not only did an escaped convict go missing for a week, but he was roaming the streets of Lacey and the surrounding towns. Don't you worry though, Lacey has some bad ass cops who were able to find Buckel and take him into custody.

7. Gille or Huffy Gang.

Which one were you?

8. John Parker.

Lucky for me, I was able to attend LTHS with the famous John Parker. For those who didn't, I am sorry because he was going big time.

9. The dress code.

The forever changing dress code has, and always will, give me anxiety. Is it no yoga pants, no tank tops, no holes, no leggings, no short skirts/dresses/shorts, or is it just any piece of clothing? No, leggings do not distract kids from doing their work... if it does they probably aren't mature enough to be in high school. And I didn't know that shoulders were sexy but, when it's 100 degrees in the school, I'd rather not be creating pit stains in my T-shirt.

10. The elementary school rivalry.

Three schools, one town, one MASSIVE rivalry. Everyone in this town knows that which elementary school you went to matters. Cedar Creek, Forked River, and Lanoka Harbor. The competition between students who attend/attended these schools will never be stopped. Which school is better? Did you go to that school? Probably. In my opinion, Lanoka Harbor will never be beat!

11. Oyster Creek Power Plant

"Do you think the fish in the river really have one eye?"

12. Bamber

Lacey consists of three areas: Lanoka Harbor, Forked River, and Bamber. We all know that people in Bamber are what some would call "hicks." This is the area of town filled with many trees and farms, and it quite honestly doesn't look like it fits in to the rest our town. However, for many of us, Bamber was home to off-roading. While living in Lacey, we have each found ourselves in someone's truck, listening to country music while making our way into the deep parts of the woods to experience the bumps and holes that make the truck bounce.

13. Charlie Brown's

Or Rella's... or any other place that tried to buy the land. I don't know whether it is the location or just bad luck, but for as long as I lived in Lacey I have never seen a business succeed there. Maybe one day someone will break the curse.

14. Sheppard Family Christmas Display

For locals, it is a place that holds beautiful Christmas lights and many memories. Each year, the Sheppard Family fills every inch of their yard with lights and cartoon characters (in which a new one is added every year). At the end of the experience, awaits Santa in his workshop. What saddens me is that this year was the final year for magic that comes from the Sheppard Family Christmas display, but the memories will forever be with us all. Thank you, Sheppard Family.

Although we all say we will leave Lacey behind and put it in our past, we always find ourselves coming back. It is a crazy, but special place that only some will ever know about. It is a place with so much love and memories, many in which all the residents share. Thank you little ole LTown. Thank you for giving me a place to call home, and a place I will always cherish.

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