Boys can be the most difficult gender to buy for. Whether it's for the holidays or their birthdays, boys will always be difficult to buy for - I know the pain. So, since Christmas is around the corner, during black Friday pick up some of these good gifts for the boy! These are some good and funny gifts for boys to have and they'll love once they get them! A guaranteed laugh and love from the boy you give these gifts to!

1. Beer Hat

We all know that boy that loves his beer but always spills it everywhere. Make it easier for him, and get him this helmet that, one, he needs and, two, he'll want to always wear. So when he tumbles down his head is protected and he's still got his beer!

2. The Classic Boys Flag

We all know that saying 'Saturdays are for the boys' and it's quite annoying to hear constantly, because we all know Saturdays don't usually end up being for the boys, but let's let them still think that and get them their famous flag that they of course want and will hang on their wall and use it for the backdrop for every picture they post.

3. What Do You MEME?

Boys and their memes. Now, instead of just looking at memes they can get together with the SQUAD and create their own memes to find out who is better at matching a caption to a meme. They'll want to play this game all the time with their boys after playing 2K most of the day.

4. Classic Beats, duh 

We all know boys can't go anywhere without their music, they always want to play some sort of music. They'll want these especially when it gets cold out to use them as earmuffs and they can still listen to their music without having to carry around their speaker or use those lame wire headphones that come with their iPhone.

5. THE Onsie

Now, now, now, I know we all pretend like onesies aren't cool. But boys always find an event that they'll NEED to wear the American flag onesie. Especially at basketball games, or dages, or just to class on really cold days. We all know that one boy that either has a really worn out one that they want a new one and a boy who is afraid to buy one himself but wants it.

6. The Game Machine

We know all those boys and their video games. We all know boys who have an old XBOX and really want to get a new one because their old one isn't cutting it. Get them an XBOX ONE that they want with an extra controller for him and his boy because playing any Xbox game by yourself is boring; it's always better with two.

7. Shooting Practice

We all know those boys that want to play games while doing their business in the bathroom, but phone games can get boring after a while. Help them by getting them this basketball hoop set they don't know they want until they see it. They'll want to just go in the bathroom just to practice their shooting.

8. THE Game for the Xbox

I mean, this one speaks for itself. Every boy wants that 2K game, but it always has to be the new one. 2K19 always a want.

9. HANGRY Cure 

Boys eat all day, every day. No matter what. Boys inhale food. When boys are hangry it is super annoying too, so get them their favorite care package, a MEGA snack pack that they will always want to have in their room. You know so they don't have to leave their video games to go get food.

10. Beer + Boys = Match Made in Heaven 

You know boys and their beer. Take "cracking a cold one" to a new level. Forget drinking coffee, boys would rather have beers.

11. To Keep the Beers Cold! 

This one is for every boy that loves to pregame for almost every sporting event that they'll go to. They want cold drinks, they will need and want this cooler to do so.

12. To keep shoes Fre$h 

Boys could dress like complete slobs, but their shoes are that one thing that MUST be clean except for shoes that are set aside for events that they go to where shoes will be destroyed. Boys will want some extra security to keep their shoes looking, FRE$H.

13. The new Music Device Wave 

Now some boys like to listen to music in class but headphones are little too obvious, the apple pods are also still obvious and of course the regular apple headphones are also too obvious. So they want something to make it easier to listen to music without others knowing. This is a simple solution to it!

14. Practice for TopGolf 

Well, if the basketball hoop in the bathroom wasn't enough… here's another game that they'll want so they can go to the bathroom and prepare for their weekend trips to TopGolf.