I have a beard, and I think they are awesome. So I devised this list to show why they rock, and why you should consider growing one or convincing a loved one to grow one as well.

I have a beard, and I think they are awesome. So I devised this list to show why they rock, and why you should consider growing one or convincing a loved one to grow one as well.

1.) Keeps you warm:

If you have never gone outside in sub-zero weather and touched your bearded face, you are missing out. You can’t feel a thing. It is such a good insulator that sometimes you can put an icepack on your face and not feel anything. A beard is a prime resource for working outside in the winter!

2.) Fun to mess with:

I don’t know about most guys with a beard, but for me, there is nothing as cathartic and focusing as stroking my beard. Similar to how those with long hair enjoy it being brushed, beard-bearers love combing through their facial hair, straightening it, and feeling its texture. It even helps you concentrate in class or at work as you try to figure out various problems.

3.) Looks great on most men:

Let’s be honest. Beards are hot, and most men look better with them! Don’t believe me? Look at some of these pictures:

4.) Makes you look older:

Beards make all men in their twenties look older as long as it is thick enough and even. Looking older comes with looking wiser and more experienced. Also, it can help mitigate other aesthetic problems that make us look younger. For example, I almost twenty and, when shaved, people often guess I am 2-3 years younger than I actually am.

5.) You don’t have to shave:

Shaving is a chore. Either you do it right and it takes forever or you go fast and risk razor burn or uneven shave. Anyone who has ever shaved does not need to be told how annoying razor burn or an unfulfilled shave can be. Growing a beard negates that, and most trimming can be done in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

6.) Many/Most great men have beards:

Socrates, Abraham Lincoln, Jeff Bridges, Zach Galifianakis, Ernest Hemingway, Gandalf, Claude Monet, and Billy Mays: all bearded. Need I say more?

7.) Looking distinguished and intimidating:

Having a beard makes you look scary, tough, and like you are overflowing with testosterone. This intimidates others and in some cases may ease many social conflicts or potential issues.

8.) Attractive to many:

Women and men around the world are drawn to the bearded brethren. Whether for romantic or platonic purposes, people just like being around dudes with beards.

9.) Easy to maintain:

All you really have to do is brush it, if it's long enough, wash it with soap or shampoo, and shape with beard oil or balm if necessary. Other than that you can just let your whiskers flourish throughout the day.

10.) Shapeable:

You can do whatever you want with beards. If the face is a canvas then beards are the paint as you can cut, shave and trim your way into a style that suits you.

11.) Can help express personality:

With its customizability comes the chance to help express your personality. Just as with clothes, beards help define a person and help to give good (or bad) first impressions to people (or competition).

12.) Makes other guys jealous:

Men who can’t grow beards, for the most part, are extremely envious as those who are gifted with facial fur. Even if you prefer being clean shaven, it is nice to have the option to grow it out should the occasion arrive or if the host please.

13.) Looks good with any clothing style:

Beards are not discriminatory to any type of men's fashion. They go with anything. Want that lumberjack look? Beards are great! Want to dress formally? Beards look good also! Even many hipsters have beards!

14.) You can pretend you’re a lumberjack:

As previously said you can pretend you are or dress as a lumberjack, and there may be nothing that looks tougher than a lumberjack!


If you have the ability and the means you should grow a beard because of all of these benefits!