When I say “I’m from Parsippany!” I often get the response, "Uh, where?"

When stating you live in Parsippany, this is the answer you get 9/10 times, and it's frustrating...believe me, I understand.

1. You took your driver's test at either Wayne DMV or Randolph DMV.

It really is a big decision.

2. You’ve had the heated debate about whether it is Taylor Ham or Pork Roll. And it is not a joke it’s serious, it matters.

Really it’s not a joking matter. People take the title of a bagel sandwich more serious than you may think.

3. Many of your friends are from different cultural backgrounds.

We’re a very diverse town, which we celebrate, so our friend groups often represent that!

4. You know and take the the Brooklawn VS Central and the Hills vs High rivalry


It’s a serious rivalry, especially on game day.

5. You live in that specific “area” of Parsippany.

We are a big town with a ton of different areas.

6. When asked where you are from in New Jersey you can never say Parsippany, because no one ever knows where that is. So, you just have to say you’re from Northern New Jersey.

Pretty simple. It’s easier than saying exactly where you’re from.

7. You tell people that that you live near Kevin Jonas.

That’s right, a famous person in New Jersey in a town that barely anyone knows about.

8. Everyone has the same “hangout” place in town.

It’s the only place to hang out, without your parents, on a Friday night or Saturday night, until you can drive.

9. You have had a school lockdown at least once, if not more, due to a bear sighting around school property.

We're always on the lookout for bears, and when we see one it’s not a surprise anymore.

10. You’ll still go to the high school football games no matter how cold it is because it’s fun.

Par High might lose a lot, but the football games are still exciting. You hang out with friends, have a few laughs, use the gross portapotty and watch your friends play some football.

11. You either shop at Short Hills, Rockaway, Livingston or Willowbrook mall.

It depends on the day!

12. When it’s a nice day outside you’ll go for walks around Lake Parsippany lake.

It really is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen.

13. No matter how much you complain about how much you hate this town...Parsippany will always be home.

We might complain a lot about this town, and maybe we all know a little too much about each other, but when we leave for college, we realize how much of Parsippany we actually like. We

miss it when we leave, but when we come back we know It will forever be home.