13 Productive Things To Do To Make Your Week Better
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Student Life

13 Productive Things To Do To Make Your Week Better

Set yourself up for a successful week!


I love Pinterest and often find myself aimlessly scrolling through the app whenever I have free time. One day in my black hole scrolling, I found a plan to create a productive week. I started implementing the suggestions into my everyday routine and it made a huge difference! Here are 13 things I do every Sunday to create the best productive week!

1. Review my Google Calendar for the week 

Google Calendar is the absolute best (in my opinion anyway). You can quickly add and edit events, set reminders and goals, and even share it with your friends! In college, this is especially useful as everyone's on different schedules and this is an easy way to coordinate!

2. Write out a to-do list for the day 

This can be just for Sunday, or for the next day as well! Personally, I love lists because then I want to accomplish things just so that I can cross them off.

3. Establish a few goals for the week, however big or small 

These can be studying for your test or going to the gym 3 times that week.

4. Break down the bigger tasks into smaller ones 

I know I'm less prone to want to do something if it's a bigger project so I break it down into smaller pieces. A task like applying to internships can be broken down into applying for just one a day or 3 a week. Find a way to make them seem less intimidating.

5. Create a solid morning routine that works for you 

We all wish we could have perfect skin care and tooth whitening routine, but realistically that just doesn't happen. Find a basic and easy routine you can repeat and if you have time, then add in the fancy stuff.

6. Check the weather and have in mind a few outfits you can throw on for the week 

An easy way to make your mornings a little quicker that week!

7. Do your laundry and put it away!

I have a habit of doing my laundry and then leaving it folded in a pile for a few days before actually putting it away or just wearing what's in the pile. Take the 5 minutes to put it in its place!

8. Organize your closet and desk 

This doesn't have to be an hour long task, just take a few minutes to hang up your clothes or organize your notes.

9. Clean up a bit whether its a quick dust or vacuum

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

10. Check your bank account and plan accordingly for the week 

This is just a normal habit you should do anyway, but make sure you don't get caught without enough funds!

11. Get all of your basic chores out of the way 

It's super easy for the week to become hectic and having these little things out of the way in advance can be really helpful!

12. Set a tentative schedule for the week, maybe plan something fun with friends 

Even just throwing the ideas out there before the week gets hectic can make a difference.

13. Journal! 

Something I've tried to implement into my day a few times a week is journaling. Whether it's about your day or what you did that week, just organizing your thoughts onto paper can help.

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