13 Types Of Fictional Best Friends To Help You Appreciate Yours

13 Types Of Fictional Best Friends To Help You Appreciate Yours

Chances are, you've had more than one of these in your life.


For the most part, every person has someone they're close to. It's someone you turn to at the end of the day, someone who always listens to your mindless babbling, someone who will never say no to an adventure. There are several types of best friends, each one just as important as the next. Chances are, your best friend fits quite a few of these categories, so consider yourself lucky.

1. The one who’s known you since you were in preschool

Troy and Chad sing "The Boys are Back," perfectly in sync, the same way you and your best friend belt out throwback tunes while speeding down the highway. Maybe you don't see each other as often as you used to, but every time you meet, it's like nothing changed.

2. The one who reminds you what you’re worth

Christina reminds Meredith that Derek might be a very big part of her life, but that doesn't mean she should give up hers to make him happy. It's similar to how your best friend reminds you not to let your entire life revolve around a boy.

3. The one who keeps you grounded

Donna and The Doctor argue about the fate of the universe, Pompeii in particular. She knocks him down a couple pegs, reminding him that their opinions are equal. We all get big heads from time to time. No matter how many of your tweets go viral, your best friend will always be there to remind you about the time you willingly wore black and yellow crocs in high school because you thought they were cool.

4. The one who's a little obsessed with you

If you don't get a little jealous every time your best friend makes a super cool new friend, like Charles Boyle and Jake Peralta, are you even best friends?

5. The one who can't function properly without you

We all had that one day where our best friend didn't show up at school or a certain event, and, suddenly, it was like we didn't know how to live normally. We've been both Spongebob and Patrick.

6. The one you can have deep conversations with

True friendship is when nobody else could possibly understand your 3 am conversations except you two and possibly a therapist. Shrek and Donkey aren't too far off with the vegetable metaphors.

7. The one who will always come through, even if it's not in the way you expect

In which Peter Parker asks Ned for a distraction so that no one will notice him escape the bus and attempt to save the city. He, like you, knows he can count on his best friend to come through.

8. The one who will do reckless things with you without a second thought

Timon and Pumba are set with the task of distracting a pack of starving hyenas, so at least they have an excuse to act the way that they do. You and your best friend are an unstoppable force when you're together, a force that creates the funniest memories to look back on later on.

9. The one who everyone thinks might secretly be your romantic partner

Is it true friendship if not a single person has questioned whether or not you two are in a relationship? In this particular episode, Joey buys matching bracelets for him and Chandler to wear. Upset about what it implies, Chandler later realizes that their friendship is what's most important, and not what everyone else thinks.

10. The one who just happens to be an animal

It doesn't have to be a dog. Sometimes it's just you and your pet hedgehog against the world. In this case, its Aladdin and Abu.

11. The one nobody thought you would get along with

This is a legendary episode of Parks and Recreation, in which Leslie and Ron are locked in a room together after their biggest fight ever. Their friends come back the next morning to see that their friendship is rock-solid as ever. Sometimes, polar opposites make the best pair of friends.

12. The one who is your ride or die, no matter what happens

In which a fellow student is attacked by a cursed necklace, and the only ones to witness it are Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Relationships will come and go, but your best friend will forever be your ride or die.

13. The one who you can’t imagine a life without

No matter how much you two fight, no matter how much distance is put between you two, and no matter how much you change over the course of your friendship, your best friend will always be there for you. Partly because they love you, and partly because, like Cory and Shawn, it would take too much time to reach that level of friendship with someone else.

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