14 Truths Of Growing Up With Boys
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14 Truths Of Growing Up With Boys

Gross. Painful. Hilarious.

14 Truths Of Growing Up With Boys
Abigail Smith

As a girl that was raised in between two brothers, I have learned that there are many, MANY differences between girls and boys. I have also learned that there are some ways of life that you only get to experience when living with boys, going to ALL of their events, and doing the things that they do. Here are some truths that come from growing up with brothers:

1. Someone could pull your hair with all of the force of Samson, and you wouldn't feel it.

Pulling my hair was the go-to move of my brothers. So much so that I believe that I have completely lost feeling in my scalp. Yank my hair. Pull it. I don't feel anything.

2. Going shopping usually meant going to Academy Sports and Outdoors or Bass Pro Shops.

Honestly, how many different baseball bats does one boy need? You just bought new cleats, too, so that isn't a reason to go either. I also know for a fact that we have plenty of game cameras and salt licks, so let's skip Bass Pro Shops while we're at it.

3. The windows stayed rolled down for the majority of the time we ever got in a car.

Do boys just poot more than girls? Like is this a thing? It smells so much worse, too.

4. Baseball games.

I never complained about these. Baseball is a nice sport. Concession stands are an added bonus.

5. Football games.

Honestly, the best part about having brothers is having a reason to go to every single football game.

6. Being quizzed on your sports knowledge. Excessively.

"What happens when the receiver shades his eyes to block the sun while he is trying to catch a punt, but he doesn't wave his hands?" It's not a fair catch if anyone has brothers at home that are constantly checking your football knowledge.

7. Football, baseball, NASCAR, or Sonic video games were the only video games we played.

"Hey, anybody wanna play my new bakery game?" It was always a hard no from the boys.

8. Lacking tremendously in dress-up partners.

One time I forced my younger brother to play wedding with me and be my bridesmaid, but apparently it wasn't okay to "force" my younger brother to put on my pageant dress when he was three. To be fair, I was seven, and I was in dire need of a bridesmaid.

9. Riding home with their sweaty, nasty sports equipment in the back of the car after games.

Even worse if my brother hadn't gotten a shower.

10. The game of lava.

I'm not sure if this was just in my house, but we always played the game of lava. We took it incredibly seriously too.

11. Getting terrifyingly good at pinching and scratching.

This was my only defense. I had to become skilled in it.

12. Always, ALWAYS getting blamed for the fight.

My brother would shove me, hit me, and whisper insults; then, I would pull out my pinching techniques. He'd yell, Mom would turn around and think I just pinched him for fun.

15. NEVER being able to get a good photo together.

Boys just can't do it. It is like they are physically incapable of looking at a camera and smiling. It is impossible. Even when looking for a photo for this article, I could not find a single one where we were all looking at the camera smiling.

14. Having some of the funniest, strangest memories.

Living with brothers definitely has its disadvantages, but I can say that boys are undeniably hilarious, and I wouldn't have traded growing up with them for anything.

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