13 Times 'New Girl' Perfectly Described Being Home For Summer Break

13 Times 'New Girl' Perfectly Described Being Home For Summer Break

Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and everyone else know just how you're feeling.

Being home from college in the summer is a total stay-cation. Partially relaxing, partially boring, mostly adjusting to a totally different lifestyle than living in your dorm at school. Some of your friends have great internships, some have classic summer jobs, some are hanging out at the beach, and others are hanging home. Whatever category you fall into, "New Girl" feels you. Here's 13 times "New Girl" perfectly described being home for summer break.

1. When you have your first home-cooked meal in forever

2. Running into high schoolers around town

3. When your siblings don't understand your dire need for personal space

4. When your parents say that you need to get out more

5. Trying to actually get out more

6. Trying to be adventurous with your friends

7. When all your friends are off from work on the same day

8. When people try to ask you about your future life plans

9. Trying to be helpful around the house (and somehow failing)

10. When you wanna go to music festivals but your bank account is suffering

11. So you end up imagining yourself on a tropical vacation

12. And then your boredom reaches a new level

13. And end up planning your ideal day

So, next time someone asks you why you aren't leaving your house for weeks at a time, just tell them that you'll be watching "New Girl" because it gets you more than anyone else ever could.

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Kendrick Lamar's New Album Celebrates Black Culture

A review of Kendrick Lamar's new record "Black Panther: The Album."

Kendrick Lamar is a name that will go down in history as the one that started the upcoming revolution against everything that is evil in the world. Only last year, he released "DAMN.," his fourth full-length album, rapping about topics like life, death, free will, love, lust, fear, god, and himself. His albums have not only sold millions but have affected millions. He is a voice for the ones struggling to get by and a reminder for those who need to listen. He is, objectively, the best rapper alive.

This year, two "Black Panther"s were released. The more well-known one is the Marvel movie, but the one that hit #1 in the Billboard Charts was the Kendrick Lamar curated album release. It goes under the name "Black Panther: The Album. Music From And Inspired By" and it is just what we needed.

This is an interesting album because Kendrick Lamar is all over the record but it doesn’t feel like a Kendrick Lamar album completely. The reason being that there are at least 10 other artists on this, each contributing their own aspect to the album, almost making it like a compilation album, a collection of hits. Kendrick Lamar curated this album, which means he has full reign over it and a final say but it seems he lets these artists be free because each song does not have the same style.

When I say that Kendrick Lamar is all over the record, I am not referring to his direction. He contributes one verse on a track, he adds the chorus to another, and even just adds background vocals to some. We call this a Kendrick Lamar record because you can hear his influence on all of it, even with the songs that he doesn’t perform on. And Kendrick Lamar would be the only rapper to create his own soundtrack to "Black Panther." I would have been surprised if he didn’t release this album just because of his performance at the Grammy’s and his overall opinion on Black culture and the subject matter surrounding the movie.

This doesn’t make any of the other artists appear less than any other one. There is a huge collection of talent here from singers like The Weeknd, SZA, and Zacari to rappers like 2 Chainz, Vince Staples, and Jay Rock and even world singers like Babes Wodumo, and I’ve just named half of them. The great part about having all these artists in one place is that they all feel like they belong and contribute something beneficial to the project.

The Weeknd’s track, "Pray For Me," lets him be in his comfort zone and Kendrick rapping with him allows for more context with the beautiful singing. SZA’s awesome performance accompanied with fire from Kendrick doesn’t even need explanation. The song titled "King’s Dead," is an amazing show of force from Kendrick, Jay Rock, Future, and James Blake (minus a part where Future tries to sing, you’ll know it when you hear it) and contains one of Kendrick’s best moments on the album near the end of the song. Another amazing moment is his opening to the album, preparing us so that we can enter this world of his.

A personal favorite of mine is "Bloody Waters" because of its inclusion of Anderson. Paak, a soulful singer, and a worldly vibe with the steel drums. "Redemption" is another world song on the album, having the chanting of Babes Wodumo. The purpose was to create the feeling of Wakanda, the fictional world in the movie. Having a mixture of South African artists along with American artists was the right decision by Kendrick, uniting them through self-love in the Black community and the power of music.

Unfortunately, not all the of the songs were the greatest. "The Ways "by Khalid lasts a little too long and "Big Shot" was a turnoff because I didn’t feel the verses talked about the issues the other songs talked about. None of the songs seemed out of place, more just like B-sides compared to the music the artists usually put out. There were a lot of awesome, feel-good moments on the album, but not all songs were exactly perfect.

In the context of "Black Panther," it is the perfect match. Listening to the album on its own is an amazing experience without the movie and is a nice collection of songs curated by Kendrick. Worth a listen to those wanting to celebrate Black History Month and just Black culture in general. Or, if you already love Kendrick, this will only make you love him more. As it did for me.

4/5 Overall, a great collection of songs that feels right at home in Kendrick’s discography and as a celebration of Black culture with only a few missteps in songwriting.

Cover Image Credit: Aftermath Records

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VCU "Sign Guy"


VCU's sign guy, Tyler Lloyd, was recently arrested for yelling inflammatory and racist phrases at locals. For the majority of the school year, Lloyd has stood in the VCU compass and has held a variety of signs that project his personal views on to students. Lloyd's urge to stand up for his random beliefs hasn't been an issue until last month when his sign targeted a specific demographic that he is not a part of.

On December 7th, 2017, my friend and I were wandering through the campus and ran into the uproar brought by this man in front of the Virginia commonwealth James Branch Cabell Library. Tyler Lloyd's sign read, "2018 New Years resolution for black guys: prevent nigga moments." Unfortunately, his arrogance simply did not stop at the sign. He tried to convince the crowd that the n-word should be allowed to be said by any race and that people should stop being so sensitive in this subject. He had a few supporters online however, thankfully, most of the student body present disagreed with his racist outcries.

As seen in my friend Noah McKinney's Youtube video, Man yells "N-word" toward police and students at VCU, Lloyd proceeds to yell at a police officer and many locals. You can hear him say things like “you need to learn how to grow up and not be threatened by words” and “you’re the ones being hateful.” Many are arguing that Lloyds approach is not even remotely what the freedom of speech is about while other believe that it was in practice.

Eventually, after the police officer patiently stood next to the man and protected him from being attacked by the offended student body, Tyler Lloyd was arrested for his hate speech.

Cover Image Credit: Noah McKinney

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