13 Times 'New Girl' Perfectly Described Being Home For Summer Break

13 Times 'New Girl' Perfectly Described Being Home For Summer Break

Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and everyone else know just how you're feeling.

Being home from college in the summer is a total stay-cation. Partially relaxing, partially boring, mostly adjusting to a totally different lifestyle than living in your dorm at school. Some of your friends have great internships, some have classic summer jobs, some are hanging out at the beach, and others are hanging home. Whatever category you fall into, "New Girl" feels you. Here's 13 times "New Girl" perfectly described being home for summer break.

1. When you have your first home-cooked meal in forever

2. Running into high schoolers around town

3. When your siblings don't understand your dire need for personal space

4. When your parents say that you need to get out more

5. Trying to actually get out more

6. Trying to be adventurous with your friends

7. When all your friends are off from work on the same day

8. When people try to ask you about your future life plans

9. Trying to be helpful around the house (and somehow failing)

10. When you wanna go to music festivals but your bank account is suffering

11. So you end up imagining yourself on a tropical vacation

12. And then your boredom reaches a new level

13. And end up planning your ideal day

So, next time someone asks you why you aren't leaving your house for weeks at a time, just tell them that you'll be watching "New Girl" because it gets you more than anyone else ever could.

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22 Girl Names Your Random College Roommate Will Have, And The Type Of Roommate They Are

Will she be your BFF?

Every roommate situation in college is going to be different.

All you can do is hope and pray that they'll just leave you alone for the most part. A lot of the time, you can get a hint about what kind of roommate they'll be just knowing their first name.

1. Hailey

Her dad pays her rent. She can't cook. Litters the kitchen with take out boxes from the local vegan joint.

2. Beth

Totally wants you to go to SoulCycle with her at 6 a.m. on a Saturday. Room is littered with leggings and sneakers.

3. Michelle

Comes home at 3 a.m. after a night of heavy drinking. Loudly makes some sort of frozen meal. Sleeps through her noon alarm.

4. Victoria

Probably has dark hair and an acoustic guitar. Keeps pretty much to herself. Does homework in the living room at obscure hours.

5. Madison

Was on the dance team in high school and has not stopped telling you about how great it was. Does work out videos on the TV in the living room.

6. Kim

Brings her boyfriend over every night of the week. Brings different boys home on the weekends.

7. Megan

Actively avoids cleaning the bathroom. Leaves her dishes in the sink. You haven't seen her shower in four days.

8. Erica

Normal. Quiet. Wants to be a high school English teacher.

9. Erika

Wild. Emotionally distraught always. Is always hosting the pre-game. Never comes home with all of the clothes she left wearing.

10. Sarah

"Definitely should have got into Harvard, but I ended up here instead." Too into trying to get a 4.0 to pay attention to you.

11. Julia

Studies music performance. Screams expletives at her keyboard. Cannot play the trumpet, but still tries really hard.

12. Hannah

So tall she almost hits her head on the doorways. Plays basketball. Raps to old Kanye in the shower.

13. Jenny

Should not be allowed to go out. Goes out every weekend anyway. Throws up in your bathtub and doesn't always address it in the morning.

14. Heather

Stressing about her internship. Is currently failing all of her classes. Will somehow still get a 3.5 GPA this semester.

15. Grace

You never see her, only the hairballs she leaves all around your place.

16. Emma

Only has guy friends because "it's easier." Guy friends who leave empty beer cans out after every sporting event on TV.

17. Caitlyn

Has a 4.0 as a biology major. Is going to med school. Sterilizes her room, the bathroom and the kitchen sink every four hours.

18. Sam

Always has a paper about feminism to write. Rosie the Riveter poster in her room.

19. Alex

Is probably dating her boss. Has straight Ds in all her classes.

20. Taylor

Is somehow always home when you're home. You know nothing about her other than where she's from.

21. Alyssa

Trying to become the next big YouTuber. Has lighting equipment all over the place. You constantly hear the phrase, "Hey guys, welcome to my channel!" She squealed because yesterday she hit 25 subscribers.

22. Jesse

Is probably plotting your murder. Lurks around like a cat.

Cover Image Credit: Morgan Yates//YouTube

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Dear Betsy DeVos, You're Supposed To Serve ALL Schools, Not Just Charter Schools

Listen to teachers' concerns. After all, they are the bedrock of the entire system, and they are responsible for the next generation of citizens.

So I came across this Youtube video by Prince Ea called "I Just Sued the School," which was made 2 years ago. The video is AMAZING and I would definitely recommend everyone to watch it.

But it got me thinking the school system, especially how it's run by the Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. I remember watching her being grilled by the Senate and how she couldn't even answer basic questions like how she would support individuals with disabilities or if she even handled large sums of money. I was and I still am concerned about her lack of knowledge about the public schools (she was fortunate to be able to afford private school for her children). Despite the fact that I didn't agree with how she handles the public educational system, I thought that she would not really do anything.

Now its been over a year since Betsy DeVos has been confirmed, so I thought I would do some research into what she has been doing.

So recently, she met with the 2018 Teachers of the Year, which I'll give her credit for attending. It's no secret that many teachers and school officers don't like her so, to go to a place where you are disliked is hard. But what I don't appreciate is her attitude towards these hard-working teachers. Public school teachers are underpaid and often don't have enough resources for their classroom. But if she attends, she should listen to teachers' concerns. After all, they are the bedrock of the entire system, and they are responsible for the next generation of citizens.

But she didn't do that. She fought with the Oklahoma teacher of the year, Jon Hazell, about her views about charter schools and her critique of the Oklahoma strike. DeVos has come out in support of charter schools and using public funds to pay for private schools. In addition, she has critiqued the recent Oklahoma teacher strike saying that teachers have to serve the students. Well, in my opinion, she has to serve the teachers of ALL school types. And that includes public schools.


The New York Times

The Washington Post

The Hill

Cover Image Credit: @betsydevosed / Instagram

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