Being home from college in the summer is a total stay-cation. Partially relaxing, partially boring, mostly adjusting to a totally different lifestyle than living in your dorm at school. Some of your friends have great internships, some have classic summer jobs, some are hanging out at the beach, and others are hanging home. Whatever category you fall into, "New Girl" feels you. Here's 13 times "New Girl" perfectly described being home for summer break.

1. When you have your first home-cooked meal in forever

2. Running into high schoolers around town

3. When your siblings don't understand your dire need for personal space

4. When your parents say that you need to get out more

5. Trying to actually get out more

6. Trying to be adventurous with your friends

7. When all your friends are off from work on the same day

8. When people try to ask you about your future life plans

9. Trying to be helpful around the house (and somehow failing)

10. When you wanna go to music festivals but your bank account is suffering

11. So you end up imagining yourself on a tropical vacation

12. And then your boredom reaches a new level

13. And end up planning your ideal day

So, next time someone asks you why you aren't leaving your house for weeks at a time, just tell them that you'll be watching "New Girl" because it gets you more than anyone else ever could.