13 Times Criminal Minds Broke My Heart

A couple summers ago I didn't have anything better to do, so I decided to binge the crime drama Criminal Minds. I had already seen quite a bit of the episodes already and couldn't wait to see what other stories I was missing. Like all my other shows, there were times I cried because I was happy that the victim was found unharmed and the unknown subject (unsub) was caught. There were other times I cried because of heart breaking tragedies with the main characters or if they couldn't get to the victim in time. Here are the 13 times that Criminal Minds broke my heart.

1. When Gideon left the team because he felt his judgement had been compromised

Spencer was so heartbroken.

2. Spencer leaves a good-bye message to his mom, believing he was about to die

There was never enough tissues.

3. Derek driving the ambulance with the bomb it away and Garcia having to hear it

Double the pain and heart ache.

4. After a horrible case, Emily find that Hotch had been stabbed and stayed with him in the hospital

5. When J.J. watched her soon-to-be husband walked into a hostage situation

It becomes even worse when you realize they have a son together.

6. Penelope is the unknowingly the target of an unsub

7. Garcia after hugging J.J. goodbye as she unwillingly leaves the BAU

8. Rossi finds out that one of his wives is sick and when the time comes, to help her die

9. Kate as she hugs Hotch good-bye, leaving the BAU

10. Emily's past comes back to haunt her and fights it on her own to protect her BAU family

11. Hotch fighting and killing the man who did who murdered his ex-wife

12. When Morgan finds out Hotch and J.J. faked Emily's death

13. When Derek lives the BAU

Bawled like a baby.

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