13 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has During Recruitment
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13 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has During Recruitment

May the odds be ever in your favor.

13 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has During Recruitment

Oh recruitment weekend, what a lovely, fun filled time. Just kidding. From a sorority standpoint, recruitment weekend is one of the most stressful times of the year. We are dying to meet the girls, find our potential littles, and get the hell out of there before 8 p.m. Each sister who has gone through formal Panhellenic recruitment can definitely relate to these emotions you go through during recruitment.

1. Why did I wear the most uncomfortable shoes?

Next time I say I'm wearing stilettos to spirit day, stop me.

2. What's going on with these decorations?

That banner isn't even, these balloons look weird, and why is there no more tape?!

3. Time to perk up and sing some chants!

Yay chants, it's not like I haven't said these a million times!

4. Younger sisters, please do something to help.

Literally anything other than complaining about how you're tired.

5. I hope I find my perfect little.

Oh please, sorority gods, bless me.

6. Wait, we can't go to the frat party?

Yea, it's worth the dry weekend to not get in trouble...but frat parties.

7. What if they don't accept their bid?

Fear sets in.

8. Can we eat the leftover snacks yet?

Please, we're hungry.

9. I need a nap.

Really bad. Like so bad.

10. OMG, I found my perfect little.

I'm already obsessed with her and I've known her for two days.

11. Is recruitment over yet?

We're all ready to get out of here.

12. Yay, bid day!

Best part of the whole thing...

13. We have to do this all over again next year!?

Oh no.

It sucks at times, but it's definitely well worth the effort. Happy end of recruitment!

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