13 Things You Know If You Are The Mom Of Your Room

13 Things You Know If You Are The Mom Of Your Room

When you are the mom of your room at school, you know all of these things to be true.


Everyone knows for a rooming situation to work there has to be someone who is responsible, organized, and acts like the mom of the group. The mom knows their role and expects everyone else to follow her lead. Being a mom of your college friends is a task that very few want to endure. But for those who take on the role of the mom of the room, here are some things that you know all too well:

1. You know your roommates' schedules

Sometimes you think you know it better than your own. You know the exact class, location, and if they are allowed to use their phone. Along with classes, you know their social calendar and when their next big exam is.

2. You make sure to always remind them to text you when they arrive at their destination

3. You make sure the room is clean before any guest comes over

It has to look like nobody has lived there, as well as having enough chairs for the invited guests plus those who decided to tag along. You made sure to place some paper towels out too for during party spills.

4. Your roommates refer to you as mom

It's a constant. Sometimes you think your roommates forgot your actual name. Especially when they use it at parties.

5. You always gather up the troops when it's time to leave the party

"WHERE DID WE LOSE REBECCA? Jessica, you better not leave my side the Uber is about to arrive."

6. You always give the "make smart decision" and "be safe" yells while your roommates walk out the door

And you pray that they follow these rules wherever their destination is

7. Being the go-to when someone needs to be picked up at any hour of the night

Whether you stayed in to study for an exam or they decided they didn't want to come back with you, your phone will always light up asking for a ride or if you can call a cab

8. You are at least one person's emergency contact

You have received the "hey I just had to fill out my contact form for ___ and I put you down as my emergency contact I hope that is okay" a few times. Even if it wasn't okay you are their school mom so that must mean you fall under the parent's contact info on the sheet.

9. You coordinate trips to the dining hall for lunch and dinner

You know everyone's schedule so you know when everyone can meet for a family meal

10. During football season, you make sure everyone is out of bed and out the door to the tailgate

Your 7 A.M. alarm to get ready proceeded by an 8 am to make sure everyone is up. The 10 am tailgate sometimes seems impossible to arrive at on time.

11. You have to approve of the boyfriend

You are the mom, they will hear your opinion on the boy whether they like it or not

12. You question your roommate's choice of a skirt and tank top when it's 10 degrees and snowing

Or when you are going to a darty and they have long pants and are bringing a jacket just in case (but you know it's going to be 80 and you are about to be surrounded by 200 other people)

13. You are all your roommate's hype girl

Forever and always their biggest fans.

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