13 Things I Wish I Could Go Back And Redo In College

I can't believe I'm graduating college next semester and joining the real world. I remember when I was just a Freshman moving into the dorms, just waiting to graduate the moment I got there -- and now it's finally here. My college experience was (and still is) incredible, but there are definitely a few things I wish I could go back and redo to make my college experience a little better.

1. I wish I attended every single class.

We all know making it to class is an actual accomplishment for college students, but I wish I had actually gone to all of my classes, and realized how important it was to attend every lecture and every midterm and final study sessions that our professors so graciously provided for us.

2. I wish I traveled more.

College is one of the last times that we can go out and explore the world without any strings attached. I definitely wish I took advantage of my spring breaks and went on those wild trips to Cabo or road-tripped around the country with my besties.

3. I wish I joined a club.

I went through college doing the bare minimum, but I wish I took it upon myself to become more involved on campus instead of spending my days and nights binge-watching tv shows.

4. I wish I met more people outside of my friend group.

We all get to college and say we're going to have all of these different friends, but the truth is, we hang out with the same exact people all the time. I wish I got out of my circle and actually made an effort to meet more people I don't normally hang out with.

5. I wish I attended my professor's office hours.

I never ever used to meet my professor during after hours, but I realize now how much that would have helped me pass my classes, ace my tests and do better on my class assignments.

6. I wish I explored more of my college city.

My college city is incredibly vast, and I wish I went out and ate at restaurants I've never eaten at before or simply walked around and enjoyed the surroundings of all my city has to offer.

7. I wish I cared about getting good grades.

If I actually had cared about my grades, I wouldn't have struggled nearly as hard to get into my major and actually graduate on time (which is still a phenomenon to me).

8. I wish I got more sleep.

This is something that we all cannot get enough of, but I seriously deprived myself of sleep these last four years, and I don't know if I will ever catch up to all of the sleep I've missed.

9. I wish I didn't procrastinate so much.

If I had actually completed my assignments in advance, I would have had way more time to go out and enjoy myself or spend my days and nights relaxing and taking a moment to breathe.

10. I wish I was more of a rebel.

I was always the person who abided by all the rules and did everything that I was told to do, but I wish I had gone out of my comfort zone and did something absolutely insane or crazy.

11. I wish I went to more tailgates and sporting events.

I'm not a big sports person, to begin with, but I wish I had attended more basketball and football games with my friends. I wish I went to these events just to have a good time and to enjoy the experience.

12. I wish I spent my money on purposeful things.

Did I need to go shopping every weekend? Did I need to buy $60 worth of junk food? Did I need to spend money on eating out all the time? No, probably not, but I did it anyway. I wish that I saved my money and spent it on nights out with my friends or a roomie trip to the movies.

13. I wish I had taken that class that isn't actually supposed to be a college class.

Bowling, surfing, hiking, rock climbing, swimming or tennis, anyone? I wish I had taken that yoga class or taken that beginners volleyball class just because I could.

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