13 Things That Proved I Was An Ultimate Britney Fan

In 1999 when Britney’s Baby One More Time album was released I was 4 years old. That did not stop me from being the biggest 4 year old Britney fan. My obsession was intense and probably concerning for my parents. Britney didn't just invade everything I owned. She invaded my behavior, which will make sense in the rest of the article below. I was quite the fanatic and did some of these embarrassing things as a 4 year old due to being a fanatic.

1. I listened to the Baby One More Time album on repeat.

And "snuck" into my sister's room to use her boom box.

2. I also danced non-stop to the album as well.

This was my favorite dance move from this video.

3. I dressed up like her while I listened to the album.

I looked cuter...don't worry!

4. I had her TRL and Hawaii specials on VHS.

Of course they were taped from the TV.

5. The worst day of my life was when I accidentally pressed RECORD over the special.

Accurate depiction of my reaction.

6. I imagined I had braids because I had a short haircut.

7. I even posed like her in photos because I was Britney.

Do you see the resemblance?

8. I cried when my sister got the "Oops! ...I Did It Again" album for her birthday.

And was angry.

9. I knew the dance to Oops! ...I Did It Again.

Even the parts that were not a dance or had choreography.

10. I owned multiple Britney Barbies.

11. And the Britney Tour Bus...

This was the best!

12. And the mini Britney dolls...

13. And my school supplies were Britney.

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