I'll be the first to admit as a communication major my classes aren't always as difficult as my science, or math major friends--but this doesn't mean they are EASY by any means. We clock in some killer study hours, trying to be the next best journalist, producer, global marketing manager, public relations professional, etc., and are tired of hearing these 11 things:

1. "You're a Communication major? Can you edit my paper?"

No, but you can borrow my AP Style Book!!

2. "You're classes are like... really easy... right?"

Summarize the Iliad in 140 characters or less.

3. "I thought you were supposed to be good at public speaking?"

I thought you were supposed to be less annoying.

4. "Did you choose to be a comm major?"

I picked it out of a hat

5. "You'll probably just marry rich, right?"


6. "You can be my publicist when I'm famous."

The exit is to your left.

7. "You must have a lot of free time."

If by free time you mean no free time at all, then ABSOLUTELY!

8. "What do you even learn as a comm major?"

All the things that you clearly know nothing about.

9. "So you basically want to be a news anchor?"

Yes, you caught me!

10. "I thought journalism was a dying field?"

We can agree to disagree.

11 "Communication? Oh... that's cool, I guess."

Thanks for the support!