13 People EVERYONE Knows In College As 'The Office' Halloween Costumes

13 People EVERYONE Knows In College As 'The Office' Halloween Costumes

These are all oddly specific, but you still know them.

With a cast of some of the most unrelatable characters in the world, "The Office" is one of the most relatable shows that has ever been. While their exceptional work ethic and positive attitudes about their careers are what they are truly known for, sometimes they could throw together a pretty solid Halloween costume. But they may have looked very familiar on-screen, because you've probably seen them on your campus, too.

1. 3 Hole Punch Jim

3 hole punch Jim is a classic "I'm too cool for Halloween" costume, which would also look great on that frat guy who is NOT too cool for salmon shorts and boat shoes but IS too cool for Halloween. He'd definitely slap 3 black circles on his shirt and call it a day.

2. The Joker (Creed, Kevin and Dwight's adaptation)

Ah, the costume that is overdone after a movie comes out... A perfect look for that girl that everyone thinks is so great and funny but you've never totally got it but don't really have any real reason to dislike her. Unoriginal seems like her style.

3. A Kitten (NOT a cat)

An unoriginal take on an unoriginal costume? Sounds like that one girl who always posts very basic captions on her Instagram photos but all of her sisters comment 'omg caption' with a fire emoji on the photo. (You just thought of someone, didn't you?)

4. Dave

Throwing together a non-costume costume at the last minute sounds like a job for that guy who always pulls out one earbud to whisper to you "did we have homework?" while sitting in a class that starts in 3 minutes that you definitely did have homework in. A costume thrown together 10 minutes before the party is certainly all up his alley.

5. Raggedy Ann

This costume would definitely go to that person in your class that always makes really prime jokes that everyone laughs at that you want to be friends with but don't know how to initiate it. They aren't going too sexy or scary for Halloween, but just having fun. CLASSIC.

6. Sarah Palin with ax

This would most likely be worn by your friendly campus vegan liberal with at least 3 pieces of Hillary Clinton apparel that is worn on a regular basis. Yes, I know Sarah Palin is conservative, but Oscar didn't dress up as a democratic woman in power, so we had to work with what we got.

7. Lady Gaga

Ah, yes, the perfect costume for that guy that you start pre-cringing before he even starts speaking in class because you just know that it is going to make you uncomfortable. Whether it is a bad joke that flops or some commentary no one agrees with, he makes you just as uncomfortable as you were watching Gabe in this costume.

8. Hot Nurse

Angela as the Hot Nurse is kind of like that really Christian girl who is very religious but like, only 85% of the time. Most of the time, she's kindly spreading the word of God around, but sometimes she's dropping it low at the bar and you're like, "wait, is that MARTHA?!"

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9. Trio Skeleton

The Toby, Kelly and Gabe trio costume is very similar to those 3 girls you have never seen together before in person or on Instagram, but then post together with the term "best friends" and you stalk each of their accounts back 97 weeks to see how they even know each other.

10. Charlie Chaplain (Hitler)

This guy seems like a closely related cousin to Lady Gaga, but not so. This costume is for that guy who always makes jokes that flop and commentary that isn't laughed at, but it's actually because the comedy is over their heads and like, 3 actually funny people typically laugh while nobody else does. The 3 of us would have understood it was Charlie Chaplain, Pam.

11. Carrie Bradshaw

This Sex And The City costume seems very fitting for that girl who has her own blog and always posts about it on Facebook and her older relatives always comment about how great it is but there's always a ton of typos and it really isn't that good at all. (I know this is very specific, but we all know one of these, right?)

12. Hobo

This is that person who says and posts things that immediately make you think, "wait, is that totally offensive or am I being too hard on them?" every single time they post. Seems like somebody who would turn a homeless person into a Halloween costume.

13. 2-Headed Michael

A costume dedicated to making MORE of yourself would be that person who somehow always reroutes conversations to be about them no matter what you are talking about, and you can tell they don't realize they're doing it but it is still very annoying. (You know. Like Michael Scott.)

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