The 10 Most Overrated Halloween Costumes College Girls ALWAYS Choose

The 10 Most Overrated Halloween Costumes College Girls ALWAYS Choose

Stop rotating the same 5 costumes already, ladies.

We've all been there. How hard is it to come up with a creative Halloween costume? Or is it? Here are 10 of the most overrated Halloween costumes that you should NEVER do again.

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1. A cat

It's time to stop.

2. Risky Business

3. Harley Quinn

I get it, Margot Robbie is hot as f***, but you're not so...

4. An athlete

Do you even watch sports? Plus, don't you wear this theme enough at frat parties?

5. Superheroes

One word. basic.

6. Police

Is this so you can blend in when you get arrested?

7. Anything With A tutu

Didn't we wear these enough as babies??

8. aliens?

We get it, you like glitter. Save it for bid day ladies...

9. The Purge

Anything to show some skin while managing to hide your face. Let's face it, Hillary Duff did it best in "Cinderella Story."

10. Anything else that requires ears and a tail

"I'm a mouse, DUH."

Cover Image Credit: Abbey Coleman / Pinterest

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The Ultimate Secret Of Best Motorcycle Helmet

Secret Of Best Motorcycle Helmet

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Benefits of using the best motorcycle helmet

A helmet is compulsory equipment for all motorcyclists. Due to the way motorcycles are designed, there is always a possibility of getting injured. Some of the advantages are :

· Lessens accidents

· Prevents serious head injuries

· Brings about a sense of responsibility

· The eyes and the face are protected from dust and wind

· Provides best protection in extreme temperatures

·The lights of the vehicles can be harmful for the eyes, the helmet protects the eyes from such lights

·Any kind of flying object like twigs, gravel or insects can disturb concentration. A helmet acts as a shield against such objects

·The noise of the wind can be a cause of discomfort, hence a helmet reduces the intensity of the same.

·In some countries, if there is a bike accident, and the driver is wearing a helmet, then the government bears the cost of the injuries.

Hence it is always advisable to wear a helmet while riding a bike. Some of the best Helmets as per market recommendation are mentioned below:

LS2 Stream Omega Helmet : it covers the full face and comes with a Sun Shield; it has an in-built Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield which protects the eyes from sun and also retracts just by a simple switch; the chin strap is DOT approved and helps in easy release and easy secure; the liner is technically made of fabric hence it is washable and removable; exceeds DOT/ECE requirements; the shape is an intermediate oval one.

·Shoe RF-1200 Helmet : it is a light weight product and is AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Ply); an easy ventilation system; DOT approved chin strap; 3D Max-Dry System II Interior.

·Bell Solid meant especially for Street Bike Racing Helmet : This is also a lightweight product; has an ABS/Polycarbonate Shell Construction; there is a Release Shield that helps in easy and fast shield replacement; the shield is UV protected, anti-scratch and anti-fog; also comes with a Wind Collar that is padded that helps in lessening road and wind noise; the interior is washable and removable; comes with speaker pockets that are integrated; also has in built cheek pads; and padded chin strap.

· BILT Techno Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet for the Full Face : the shell is polycarbonated and is hi-tech; the paint has either a flat matte or double lacquer finish; in built DWO-3 Bluetooth system that plays MP3 audio songs or also helps to receive mobile phone calls.

· 1Storm Street Bike Flip Up Helmet for the Full Face and with a Sun Shield : DOT Approved and is available in various colors and sizes; the shell is Aerodynamic Thermoplastic Alloy and also is light weight; the pads are washable and removable; comes with a Glossy Finish that is UV protected; Designed with Dual Lens and comes with Advanced Flip Up. 

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Solid Sounds Episode 103: In Review

A Review of Solid Sounds Episode 103.

It's another week of Solid Sounds at KXUA 88.3 FM, so of course that means there's music to review! Episode 103 is up on SoundCloud, so give it a listen if you get the chance.

While I'm introducing myself and the show, you can ambiently hear our first track of Solid Sounds.

1. Birocratic - "Matlack"

Birocratic is one of those artists you could listen to in the background of your life. Brushing your teeth, and showering in the morning? Birocratic. Paying a parking ticket? Birocratic. Enjoying the scenery of the Ozark Mountains? Birocratic.

2. Palace - "Taking Shelter"

This funky London-based band has got a taste for EPIC sounding music. All of their stuff is really guitar-heavy, but they also make some sweet, sweet sounds vocally.

3. Black Gold Buffalo - "Lay it Down"

Officially formed in 2014, Black Gold Buffalo has a lot of distinct features people can get behind. The vocals are passionate, and the freshness of their style is dubiously original.

4. Xul Zolar - Fear Talk

This German group has been on the rise for some time (2011) and they have an incredible sound. Their racey throbbing guitar style and their encompassing lyrical presence can really rock your socks off. They make a lot of music that finds the perfect harmony between Electronic production styles and Rock.

5. Magdalena Bay - “waking up”

Magdalena Bay was on last week's article, and I still think this song is more than deserving to make it to Solid Sounds Episode 103. Their style is influenced by retro-wave sounds derived from the 80s and some other contemporary artists of the post-vaporwave era we now inhabit. They make spicy songs, I'd play this song at least twice in a row.

6. Great News - "Told"

Noticing a trend here? Yes, I understand your qualms, but hear (or read in this case) me out. I had a hankering to play this song last week, but unfortunately, I didn't get around to it in my slot. I got them into rotation though, and the results were still more than I could have hoped for. For the entirety of this song my physical vessel known to most humans as a body was fully immersed in goosebumps and stars. When I say I love this song, words lack the justice necessary to embody what I mean.

7. DYLN - "Wolf"

Besides being a fabulous human being, 'DYLN' makes some stellar music. Her fusion of Electronic music, Rock, and Pop create a marvelous experience that heavily reminds me of some older bands like the Gogo's as well as some other Female Vocalist-powered bands from the early 2000's.

For the rest of the show you'll have an exclusive listen to some of my friend G-rant's music that hasn't been released yet. I've known him for a long time, so make sure you check his page out too. Link on Soundcloud.

Cover Image Credit: Sean Shoemaker

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