Michiganders are a whole separate breed of people--we have the most beautiful beaches but also the craziest weather. Sometimes, people from other states just don't understand our quirks and uniqueness. Whether you're a "Yooper" or a "Troll" from under the Bridge, you know these things to be true:

1. You don't need a map of Michigan; you have your hand!

When someone asks where you're from, you just point to a spot on your hand. Everyone knows Michigan looks like two hands, and they can locate a city based on which freckle it lies near.

2. You know how to pronounce "Mackinac," "Charlevoix," and "Sault Ste. Marie."

It's not "Mac-in-nack," it's "Mac-in-gnaw!"

3. You prefer freshwater to saltwater.

Michiganders have been blessed with so many freshwater beaches, from Grand Haven on Lake Michigan to the numerous smaller lakes found farther from the coastline. Plus, there are no sharks in the lakes!

4. Speaking of Lake Michigan, you know that every season is beach season.

Yes, you can pier jump in the summer, but you can also climb on the frozen-over lake in the wintertime!

5. You've also experienced every season within a single day.

It'll be 28 degrees at 6 in the morning; by 10 AM, it'll be 60 degrees. The rain at noon will turn into snow by 4 PM, but it'll be surprisingly warm in the evening. You know to prepare for Michigan's wacky weather by wearing shorts, a winter coat, and flip flops.

6. You know the hype that goes on during the Cherry Festival, Coast Guard Festival, and ArtPrize.

People flock from everywhere to Traverse City in the summer to eat their weight in cherries. Grand Haven gets way too many visitors during the week of Coast Guard. ArtPrize brings people from all over the world to look in awe at beautiful pieces of art.

7. You're surprised when you find out Meijer isn't a nationwide thing.

How could anyone live without a Meijer nearby???

8. You measure distance in minutes, not miles.

"Where do you live?"

"Oh, around 20 minutes from Detroit." Apparently, other states don't do this.

9. You can't imagine children from other states not growing up with Superman ice cream.

Superman is a mix of yellow, pink, and bright blue flavors. No one really knows what each one is actually supposed to taste like, but it's an amazing flavor nonetheless.

10. You know that Michigan Left Turns can be scary for out-of-staters.

Basically, it's there so you can turn left at intersections. You turn right at first, and then pull a U-turn across the median. You'll get used to it, I promise.

11. You pronounce your words a little differently than the rest of the country.

You drop the G's in verbs, like "going" and "running." Also, you pronounce T's like D's sometimes. "Water" is said like "wadder," just like you say "ciddy" for "city" and "liddle" rather than "little."

12. Game day can bring a house divided, especially for those parents who have multiple children who go to both U of M and MSU.

Just don't bring up Ohio State, and you might survive.

13. Every time you see this Pure Michigan sign, you know you're home.

And you secretly feel a surge of pride every time you hear one of those "Pure Michigan" ads on the radio.