13 Reasons Why Your Mother Is Your Best Friend

1. You always have private jokes.

This is definitely the case with my mother and I. We have thousands of private jokes and when we laugh in public people stop and look at us or smile. We don't care that people stare it just makes up snicker even more.

2. You can never go without a hilarious text message.

My mother and I be dying of laughter from the random text messages we send each other. From the time her sweater got caught in her car door and she thought someone was pulling her to the time the kid in my class accidentally tased himself. Of course, I had to text my mom what happened.

3. You borrow clothes from each other

My favorite thing about having a mother close to your size is having another closet to go through. The down side is I still haven't seen my favorite halter shirt I let my mom borrow back in June. It's been several months, mom. Where's my shirt?

4. Shopping trips usually revolve around, “Does this look good on me or naw?”

My mother and I are notorious for this one. Well my answers are usually filled with more drama than hers.

Her: "What do you think?"

Me: "They are going to think you're my sister and not my mom."

5. You tell your mom everything without fear or judgment

My mom is always the one person I don't have to worry about shaming me or making me feel judged. She's the person I'll say, "Girl you won't believe this" to and she would listen from start to finish without a reaction until I ask for her honest opinion.

6. 90% of the time you communicate with facial expressions.

All it takes is one look from my mother and I know what's on her mind or vice versa. It usually ends with snickering. In some cases, where we're in a meeting or somewhere important, it leads to a stern look from my father saying you know better. Which never made sense because my mother was clearly the adult.

7. She’s your private cheerleader that comes for free.

When I'm down and out and need someone to stand in my corner the first person I turn to is actually my mother. She picks me up, dusts me off, and cheers me on as I start again. Sometimes even boosting my confidence sky high to try again by saying, "You got this, I know you do." Or if you just need someone to happy dance with you in the rain.

8. You talk about driving and not looking back until the end of the weekend of course.

There were times when we went on road trips together and other times where it was like, "I don't feel like going to work. Wanna drive and not look back for a few days?" Of course she would end up at work 80% of the time or other times in Tampa and then back home before anyone notices we've been gone the whole day.

9. She gets you like nobody else.

My mother understands me without speaking words. She knows something is wrong just by my breathing pattern.

10. She’s the first person you run to tell a joke to.

When I first sent this joke to my mom she died of laughter and then asked why the mother didn't let the son finish.

11. You talk about hotties together.

My mother thinks that 50 cent is so sexy. Me? I think he's cocky and that Kellan Lutz looks better. We literally talk about who is sexier than who. But Kellan Lutz is super sexy to me hands down.

12. She’s quick to jump to protect you.

Let's be honest here- The quickest way to piss off a real mother is by bullying or bad mouthing her kid. That mother would be on you like white on rice. My mother is no exception to this at all.

13. At the end of the day, she’s the person you want to chill on the couch and watch a movie with.

My mother is the one person I don't have to say, "No, I think I'll stay home" and get backlash for it. I could actually text her and say, "Hey wanna stay home and watch a movie or something?" And her response would be either, "Can it be a scary movie?" or "With ice cream?"

All in all, I love my mom and she is pretty awesome.

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