BuzzFeed's "Ladylike" has been one of my favorite YouTube channels for quite a while now. Interesting video content paired up with hilarious women makes for a pretty good account if you ask me. If you clicked on this, then Ladylike is probably also, "you tested, you approved."

1. You watch all their videos as soon as they come out

Nothing matches the feeling of being bored, checking YouTube and seeing Ladylike put a new video out.

2. You find yourself literally laughing out loud at them

It isn't even always the content of the video, but just how naturally and effortlessly funny the ladies are.

3. You follow all 5 of them on Instagram

(And like every photo.)

4. ... And have probably looked back at their photos as far back as they go

Sorry, if you're going to leave your college photos on Instagram I am going to look at them.

5. You've taken many quizzes telling you which one you are (I'm Jen)

You may have had someone you were hoping you got, but you were happy with whoever you landed.

6. And then took it again just to see if it was really right (I'm really Jen)

Sometimes the quizzes are wrong, so a double check or 5 couldn't hurt.

7. You can't pick a favorite

As soon as you watch one video and decide you have a favorite, a new one comes out and somebody else pulls ahead.

8. You actually feel empowered watching them

Watching badass ladies be comfortable with who they are and be so successful in a male-dominated field is pretty cool.

9. You always read the comments after videos to see if people felt the same way you did

You just have to check if people are feeling what you're feeling or noticed anything you noticed or laughed at what you laughed at.

10. You've looked at their LinkedIn accounts to see how they ended up working there

As a major close to media, I've definitely been interested in their professional careers and how they landed such a dream job.

11. You have at least one friend who is also a Ladylike fan to talk about the videos with

What's even better than spotting a new Ladylike video on your own? Getting a text from your friend telling you there's a new one up.

12. When you're ready for a new video and it doesn't come out, you just watch old ones

There are some classics in there that definitely deserve re-watching.

13. You feel lucky to have some badass ladies to look up to

Beautiful and badass, these incredible ladies are lady tested and lady approved.