I'll be honest, this list is not for the girl on a budget. While there are definitely alternatives, buying shoes known to last a lifetime will be worth every penny. Even if your style is known to change, these shoes will go with just about anything and everything!

1.  A cozy pair of slippers.

My favorite pair is the L.L. Bean 'Wicked Good' Moccasins in the color Brown. They may be a little pricey at $79.00, but L.L. Bean constantly has 25% off sales. I wear these slippers every day, and they are definitely worth every penny.

2.  Classic black AND nude flats. 

Some people think you only need one or the other. In my opinion, you need both. I own Tory Burch Revas in both black and nude, and even though I don't wear them every day, I'm so glad I have them in my closet!

3. Riding Boots. 

What girl doesn't own at least one pair of these for the winter? I have three pairs in black, dark brown and light brown. The black and dark brown are Frye, but the light brown pair is from Belk for under $100!

4. A casual pair of sandals. 

An everyday shoe that is comfortable, casual, and easy to slip on. Birkenstocks and Chacos (mine are custom-made!) are my go-to favorites.

5. Bean boots. 

These boots are perfect for chilly rainy/snowy days! What college girl doesn't own a pair of these?

6. Rain boots. 

Hunters are my go-to boots if I want to wear rain boots. Most gals opt for a neutral pair, but I could not be more in love with my bright pink pair!

7. An everyday fancy sandal. 

I've owned Jack Rogers for the last 5 or so years, and even though they hurt like heck to break in, I could not love them any more! The next pair of sandals on my shopping list are Tory Burch Millers, and I think this summer may be the time I finally pull the trigger in buying them!

8. Booties. 

I really don't wear my booties all that much, but when I do, I feel a little bit better about myself ;)

9. Running AND training shoes. 

I am one of those people who has to have a different pair of shoes for both running and weight lifting. After racing for the last five years, my feet know what works and what doesn't. Currently, New Balances on my favs for both workouts!

10.  A fun summer wedge. 

I didn't really hop on board with this trend until I had to attend a summer wedding and needed a fun wedge. These are the ones I decided to go with, and I know they will last me for a while.

11.  Classic heels. 

Being a college student, I really don't need/want a pair of heels. But, if I were to need to buy a pair for my job after I graduate (!!!), these would be it.

12.  Casual tennis shoes. 

New Balance lifestyle shoes are the most comfortable shoes I've ever bought, and I will yell this to the end of the Earth. Every college gal should own at least one pair of these! You won't regret it, I promise!

13.  Uggs. 

These shoes definitely bring me back to my middle school days, but if there is one thing I'd like to hold on to from that period, these would be it.

Happy shopping!