13 Reasons Why Tori Kelly Should Be Your Best Friend
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13 Reasons Why Tori Kelly Should Be Your Best Friend

You may not know who she is, but you should considering she's your soulmate.

13 Reasons Why Tori Kelly Should Be Your Best Friend

Tori Kelly is an awesomely talented and genuine human being. Most recently you may have seen her at the Billboard Music Awards and thought, Wow who is this talented girl with awesome hair? Well, she's a star on the rise known for her raw vocals, acoustic sound and lyrical genius sure to hit you right in the feels. As a long time fan, I can tell you that this list contains only a handful of reasons for why I have a "friend crush" on Tori. By the end of this article, you will be wondering where she has been all your life and why she isn't your best friend yet. (No offense to every other best friend out there. Hey, Carmen!)

1. She Has Great Hair Tips.

Just look at it. Look at that mane of hair, so beautifully curled and prepped. She would give awesome hair maintenance tips which is obviously best friend material already.

2. She Can Make Anything Fun.

You want to be around someone who will make anything into an adventure. Even if it is riding the escalator.

3. She Understands Your Problems.

Tori writes all of her own songs, with lyrics of heartbreak, love, rejection, happiness and everything in between. She would be there for you through all of the feels, good and bad. It's like she has a relevant song for everything going on in your life, I'm serious. Check out "Paper Hearts," "Daydream," or "Unbreakable Smile" if you don't believe me.

4. She's Never Sour and Always Sweet.

Tori is that friend that is the definition of optimism. She is always smiling and encouraging, never letting the "haters" bring her down. Did you know Simon Cowell called her voice annoying? I think she's doing pretty fine though. (BTW Sour Patch Kids are her favorite.)

5. She Will Be Your Biggest Fan.

You want a best friend that will be your biggest supporter, whether it be for getting an A on that final paper or you scoring a date with the hottest guy in school. Tori is ready to be that person, considering all the love she shows for all her peers already. Check out her supportive tweets to Ed Sheeran or best friend, Kamari Copeland.

6. She Will Always Be There To Give You a Hug.

Sometimes you just need some love and affection. Tori is all about the hugs.

7. She's Just As Weird As You Are.

If you can't be weird around your bestie then what's the point anyways? Dance parties in your pajamas to that new T-Swift song?! F*ck yeah!!

8. She's Always Full of Energy.

Sure staying in bed and watching Netflix all day can be great, but Tori will get you up and going. Whenever you're bored just give your bestie Tori a call.

9. She Loves Pizza... I mean LOVES Pizza.

You gotta love a pizza girl. Low-maintenance, relatable and ready to have a pizza party at any moment of the day. Extra large with pepperoni? Yes, please!

10. She Has the Best Snapchats.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Add her on snapchat @koritelly

11. She Has an Unbreakable Smile.

Coincidentally, that's the name of her new album, Tori is forever smiling. She is incredibly optimistic and as she says "just a California girl with big dreams." You want a best friend who will always seek the positives in the situation, encourage you, and always put a smile on your face.

12. She's Still Humble on Her Rise to the Top.

From humble beginnings on YouTube, to being signed to Scooter Braun's label (manager of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, just to name a few), Tori still has a hold on her genuine charm. From being super-excited when meeting fans to being in shock over her record sales, Tori is that friend who will never annoy you with her success. Instead you'll be the one boasting while she tries to say, "It's really not that big of a deal."

13. Let's Not Forget, She's Super-Talented.

Who doesn't want a super-talented and soon-to-be star as a best friend?! I know I would enjoy being front stage yelling, "That is my best friend, guys!" as she hits that long riff only the top singers can muster.

You can get Tori's debut album, "Unbreakable Smile," starting June 23! She also has two EP's out already — "Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly" and "Foreword."

Get to know her and her awesome vocals by following her on Twitter and Instagram: @torikelly

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