13 Reasons Why Kentucky Is The Best Place To Live
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13 Reasons Why Kentucky Is The Best Place To Live

13 Reasons Why Kentucky Is The Best Place To Live

Our Old Kentucky Home, the Bluegrass State, the Bourbon Capital of the World. Here in Kentucky, we are known for not wearing shoes, spending way too much money at the horse track and caring a little too much about college basketball. However you may label us, all Kentucky natives know that we wouldn't want to be living anywhere else. Here are just a few reasons as to why living in Kentucky is so great.

1. The effortlessly nice people.

When you come to visit Kentucky, you should expect a lot of hello's from strangers, restaurant worker's asking how your day is, and random people striking up a conversation with you. The moment you cross state borders into the Bluegrass, you will meet some of the kindest, most genuine, and loving people you could ever come across.

2. The locally grown food, the fast food, and just the overwhelming amount of great restaurants.

I know it's hard to believe, but we actually do have other restaurants besides KFC. The unique thing about Kentucky is that a lot of restaurants here only have locally grown food on their menus -- which makes for an outstanding, fresh meal possibly sent from Heaven.

3. Not only great local restaurants, but also the addicting local coffee.

I am deeming it impossible to come to Kentucky without falling in love with at least one, if not all, of the local coffee shops placed around the state. Especially in big cities like Louisville and Lexington, you'll find these unique, hole in the wall, yet amazing coffee shops that you'll want to come back to.

4. We have all four seasons.

It's hotter than ever in the summer, the leaves change in the fall, it gets beyond freezing with beautiful snowfalls in the winter, and everything fully blossoms in the spring. Even though the weather is super unpredictable and each season can happen within a week, nothing beats experiencing them all every year.

5. We even have a extra, fifth season called Derby Season.

The only places in the United States where we party for two weeks, get out of school, and dress up nice and fancy all for just one horse race. I think all Kentuckians would agree in saying that this is all our favorite season.

6. The up and coming live music scene.

Everything from rock to country to bluegrass to indie alternative, you'll find every genre of live music here. You can catch everything from local artists to big headliners constantly throughout the year.

7. Want to get away for the weekend? Big cities and beautiful geographical features are just a short road trip away.

Nashville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, The Great Smoky Mountains and many other famous cities and national parks are all just short, reasonable drives away. Places like like Mammoth Cave, Cumberland Falls, and the Ohio River Falls are all perfect weekend getaway spots.

8. The one and only, Red River Gorge.

Kentucky's most unique and beautiful geographical feature. Spending a weekend here you can rock climb, hike, kayak, and camp. It's the perfect place to get a great workout and escape reality.

9. All of the local events that are constantly happening.

Farmer's Markets, the Forecastle Festival, Food Truck Friday's and Waterfront Wednesday's. Any city in Kentucky that you live in, there is bound to be unique and fun events on the schedule.

10. The intense college sports rivalry.

UofL or UK, pick one. Though we do not have a professional sports team to cheer on, the huge rivalry between University of Louisville and University of Kentucky most definitely makes up for it. This rivalry is unlike any one that you have seen before.

11. The bourbon, of course.

Actually, 95 percent of our world's bourbon is supplied from Kentucky. All Kentuckians love their state, but love their bourbon even more.

12. The southern comfort and the sweet tea.

Though we are geographically one of the most northern, southern states, there is still a great sense of southern comfort down here. Smiles, home cooking, the SEC, and plenty of sweet tea.

13. The state pride that comes with being a Kentuckian.

There is no greater state pride than us Kentuckians have. If you live here, you're surely proud of it. United we stand, divided we fall.

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