13 Reasons Why Audiocassettes Were The Best

13 Reasons Why Audiocassettes Were The Best

Technology is just not the same...

It is no secret that 13 Reasons Why is very popular on Netflix. I read the book before watching the show and I haven't finished it yet. However, I just happened to obtain a new RCA tape recorder that had never been used. This opened up the world of listening to audiocassette tapes that my sister and I loved recording on. Most of our childhood was spent recording and re-recording songs, skits, and other projects. I personally miss old technology. There was something so unique and cool about it. And before people start wondering...I was born in 1995. I know what a cassette is. I am not an iPod at 5 years old child. So here are 13 reasons why I loved audiocassette tapes...and also the best and "worst" parts.

1. Listening to stories on tape

We had a sh*t ton of these in my household and we practically grew up on them. We had all the Disney movies. You bet I went to sleep listening to them and CRIED when it said to flip over the tape. Let's not forget the *Ding* noise that hinted at flipping the page.

2. Recording yourself

There is no secret that my sister and I LOVED performing. If there was any way we could immortalize our star quality...we did it. VHS video recorder, photos, audiocassettes, and camcorder videos. We had them all and did it all. So my favorite thing was the fact that you could record yourself.

3. You could record over and over again, but had to be careful not to tape over something special.

Personally, my recording horror stories all stem from the VCR. However, there is something so special about the fact that you could record yourself and THEN record over it if you wanted to, but you could also record over something special. Technology used to help us savor our moments. Now we just hit delete...and it may not even go away.

4. You could make mixes of songs.

Simple, insert CD. Record part of song. Stop recording. Pick new song/ song part. TA-DA! Magic.

5. When my mom introduced me to her tape recorder in which I could plug in earphones and hear myself.

I for sure recorded the entire catalogue of High School Musical ACAPELLA and BEFORE the soundtrack was even released.

6. Getting a cassette in your Happy Meal or with a Barbie

I know a plethora of Ronald McDonald songs as well as THINK PINK from Barbie.

7. Getting blank tapes

SO much frontier to explore...so much BLANK SPACE to fill with my voice.

8. You could make a tape of saying something really special.

Since I was 7, I recorded a Mother's Day message for my mom. It was adorable and sweet.

9. Recording songs off the radio because you didn't own them

This was extremely handy when my sister had the CD and I wanted the song. Little Katherine could play a version in her kid tape player.

10. Bumping to tunes playing from your extremely kid looking tape player

The photo shall suffice.

11. The stomach drop feeling when you almost pressed record prematurely or just at the entirely wrong time


12. The clunk of the buttons when you press play, stop, eject, etc.


13. When your tape player pooped out on you and ruined your tape...

R.I.P. Peter Rabbit

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