We all have that one best friend of ours that isn't just a friend; they are practically family. They are the type of friends that stick with you through thick and thin and always have your back. They never let you down and know how to comfort you. Not only are they there for emotional support, but they provide good memories and a lifetime of laughter and fun whenever they are around. This goes out to the best friends who we wouldn't be complete without, the ones that make us whole. Here are 13 Reasons Why I Am Thankful For My Best Friend:

1. You never let me down.

No matter the circumstances, we are always in agreement of some sort. I can always count on you to be there even at the most randomness times.

2. You are blunt with me.

You tell me straight up how you feel, which I love about you. If something looks wrong with my outfit, you are the first to say it. I know I can always count on you to keep me looking sharp whenever we hit the club! (Just kidding, we're boring.)

3. You don't care to hurt my feelings when I'm in the wrong.

Yes, this is a great thing I am thankful for. By doing this, you allow me to see other people's perspective's and allow me to truly see things differently. And when I am in the wrong and you call me out on it, I don't get upset because I know that it is just another learning experience for me. You allow me to grow.

4. You are there for me when my real family is not.

Even when we expect our real family to be there all of the time they're not, but you are. Even when it's late at night or in the middle of the day, I know I can come to you about anything even if its just because I'm bored and need someone to talk to. I know that I can confide in you and not be criticized for it.

5. You show me what true family is.

And while confiding all my secrets to you is one of the best things yet, one of the biggest things you teach me is how to love. You teach me that everyone and everything deserves to be heard and loved and accepted, blood or not. You are my family.

6. You remind me of how great I am every day.

On my lowest days, you are there to pick me up, piece by piece, to put me back together and remind me of how beautiful I am inside and out, and I can only hope that I reciprocate that action.

7. You help me through all of my problems, even if I don't see them at first.

Yeah, you catch my problems before me sometimes. You see an issue before it becomes one. You help me realize that my problems are fixable and that I can handle anything that comes my way.

8. You never let anyone tear me down, not for long.

Although my biggest critic is myself, you never let me tear myself down for long. You always comfort me when I struggle with my own battles and demons inside my head and then set me off to heal. I never stay down long around you. I am thankful for that.

9. You always remind me of how strong I am.

And when you pick me back up and wipe the tears from my eyes, you remind me of how strong I really am. How strong I must be to take all my self-hate and the problems of the outside world. I love you for this; you are the best thing for self-esteem.

10. You never judge me.

No matter how crazy or stupid or weird it is, you never judge me. And hallelujah for that.

11. You care for me deeply.

We share a bond like no other. We are "best friend soul mates". We connect so easily and it allows us to truly be ourselves and not hold back. We are so close we even finish each other's sentences. How cliche.

12. You support me when no one else does.

When I tell you about my dreams and goals in life, you have my back no matter what. You remind that I can do anything if I want it ad enough. You always tell me I am destined for success and help me understand my ambitions even when my family disagrees.

13. We make a bad-ass pair.

Oh yeah, we have great times together. Although we don't do anything "normal" teenagers would be doing, we still go out and have a good time full of memories and laughter. Not to mention, WE FLAWLESS!

Out of all the amazing times, I've had in my life, I am glad I got to share the majority of my time with you. I am thankful for what you have taught me and what we have learned together as a duo. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have a friend like you in my life to keep me stable. You deserve everything, my best friend. I love you.