13 Podcasts I Recommend To You
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13 Podcasts I Recommend To You

13's not an unlucky number in this case, okay? (winky face)

13 Podcasts I Recommend To You
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There are so many podcasts out there that it can be hard to find a couple that you find interesting. I hope that this article will help you find at least one new podcast to try out. I will suggest podcasts within the topics of Catholic, History, and MY OWN Friends Chatting It Up.

If you have any podcasts you want me to check out, let me know!

For My Catholic Buddies

I was about to start listing all of the Catholic podcasts that I subscribe to, but... there's so many. I could create a whole article about it. I might do that. For now, here are my top 5:

1) ALWAYS HOPE with Dr. Mario.

He has a lot of information and practical facts and tips about married life, human sexuality, and Catholic integration into clinical practice because he is a licensed marriage and family counselor and has been so for many years. His content and conversations are engaging and fun. I suggest Episode 16 if you want dating advice.

2) Clerically Speaking with Fr. Anthony and Fr. Harrison.

These two priests talk about their personal lives and a bit about the faith in every show. My favorite part of the show is their "Summa Tweetologica" which is their commentary on tweets, a light-hearted parody of Summa Theologica, which St. Thomas Aquinas wrote about the Catholic faith. This will always have you laughing and thinking a bit deep - all at the same time.

3) She Believed with Caroline Rose Owens.

Are you a young Catholic female, or maybe just feel a bit young in the faith, and want some practical and fun advice geared to you about relationships, prayer life, and more? Caroline Rose Owens is full of wisdom and heart. During the show, she has wonderful conversations with people she meets on Instagram (and then becomes best friends with). This is a positive and uplifting podcast, and it's not too theological, either.

4) Lanky Guys (The Word on the Hill).

This is a great podcast to go to if you want an engaging and in-depth look at your Sunday Mass readings. I feel like if I listened to every single one of their podcasts and took notes, I would be able to give stellar homilies on Sundays. Give them a listen if you find yourself yearning for more info about how the Mass readings come together and bounce off of one another to help you in your faith journey.

5) What in the Dang Heck with Cecelia and Meg.

This is where two faith-filled, Catholic women just chat it up about their lives. The goal of the show is to invite anyone into their lively conversations, talk about heck yes and heck no moments in their lives, haters, lovers, and other fun topics. It's not about theology - it's about feeling like you've just been invited into Cecelia and Meg catching up at a bonfire.

Other suggestions TOTALLY WORTH YOUR TIME:

Fr. Mike Schmitz Catholic podcast, The Patrick Coffin Show, The Road to Emmaus with Scott Hahn, The Word on Fire show, Pints with Aquinas, The Council of Trent, Saint Stories for Kids (100% LOVE THIS ONE!), Priestly Passion, and more. Just message me or Riley Griesemer for ideas, but just know that Riley G is a podcast queen.

For My History Buddies

I know there are a lot of amazing history podcasts out there I don't know about, but I do know about these - and they are FUN!

Myths and Legends

talks about just that -

so if you've ever been into folklore, or understanding things about the Trojan War, Thor, The Emperor's New Clothes, and more, this is the place to go.

American Innovations

I love this one. The men in charge of this podcast recount history in a play-like fashion. It's especially fun for me to learn all the things that were invented or innovated in America, like Dynamite, Aviation, Cinema Technology, and they even have a season about innovation fails - season 17 - how fun!

Sports Wars

The creators of American Innovations are in charge of this podcast, which talks about the greatest sports rivalries known to the game. I am so excited to binge this podcast because I'm enchanted by sports stories.


This is a New York Times podcast about the history of slavery. Shout out to Gracie Olderman for recommending it. This would be a great podcast to listen to so we understand the past and reflect on how the echoes of slavery are still impacting America and other parts of the world to this day.

The History of the Christian Church by Pastor Lance Ralston

I'm excited to listen to how the history of the Christian Church is portrayed, especially the Catholic parts. If you didn't know, I love being a part of the Catholic Church, and usually people fudge or gloss over its history a bit. Nonetheless, this was recommended to me by a dear friend and I now recommend it to you! ❤️

Urbanist: Podcast Guide to Cities.

This podcast is all about cities and history. If you want to know the secret and cool parts about a city either for traveling purposes, or just for funnies, this is the podcast for you.

Podcasts that MY DEAR FRIENDS run

Yes, some of my friends have podcasts! How cool!

Layman's Terms

Trevor Barreca and Alex Shannon talk about Catholic things from their perspectives as a lay man (Trevor) and as a seminarian (Alex). They offer this podcast to anyone wanting a Catholic community online if they haven't found one in person quite yet - cuz let's be real, that's a real situation for a lot of people. Each podcast focuses on at least one term/topic in the faith and they explain it in their own words. It's humble, intelligent, and totally awesome just to hear how my friends are doing even though we are all so far away. Keep up the great work, guys!

Life of a Loser Presents:

Andrew Edward blesses us with his humor and presence in recorded chats he has with friends. These chats are called "Tuesdays with Merlot" because the fun of the podcast is just listening to Andrew and a buddy chat it up while having a drink (or two). Honestly, I hope I can go on the podcast someday! Cuz Andrew makes the life of a loser become a life filled with friendship, great jokes, companionship, and utter swag. Rock on, my friend.

That's all I have for now! Again, there are so many podcasts in my library, so if you want any other suggestions, let me know.
I'm a bit skimpy (as you can tell) on science, psychology, nature, and politics-centered podcasts.
I am always taking suggestions.

Stay awesome! I hope this was helpful.


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