13 Lessons from '13 Going On 30'

13 Going On 30 is a great movie filled with gems and life lessons. If you haven’t seen the movie, you are missing out. Here are 13 lessons youll learn from watching 13 Going On 30:

13. Appreciate your parents: The movie initially shows how terribly Jenna treated her parents. She never visits and asked her secretary to hold all calls from her parents. Jenna quickly realizes this is a huge mistake. She learns her parents are always there for her when she needs them and begins to appreciate them again. Also, no matter how old Jenna gets, she still needs her parents and you will too.

12. Real friends are better than popularity: at 13, Jenna believes being popular is the most important thing in life. However at 30, she has the same friend, who is catty, immature, conniving, and still stuck in high school. Ultimately, Jenna realizes it is the personality of your friends and not their status that matters.

11. Don’t have regrets: Jenna asks her mom if she regrets anything in her life and her mom insightfully replies, “Well, Jenna, I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I don’t regret making any of them…Because if I hadn’t have made them, I wouldn’t have learned how to make things right.”

10. Marry your best friend: Jenna and Matty were perfect together because they were best friends. Matty and Wendy were terrible together because they were never on the same page and didn’t appreciate the same things. Overall: Jenna and Matty forever

9. Your role models should be real people: Magazines and the media industry place priority on actors and models that the reader knows nothing about. Look up to the “Real women who are smart and pretty and happy to be who they are.” Also, magazines should have people relatable on them like “my best friend’s big sister and the girls from the soccer team. My next-door neighbor.”

8. Don’t grow up too fast: Jenna is in such a rush to become ‘Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving’, but she misses out on all the other experiences in life. Enjoy the moment you are in right now.

7. Hand made gifts are the most meaningful: Although at first Jenna takes Matty’s handmade dream house for granted, with time she realizes how special the gift was. In the end, they even base their real house off of the dream house.

6. PJ dance parties are a must and Love is a Battlefield: slumber parties are a great time to spend with girlfriends, vent, and dress up and belt ‘Love Is A Battlefield’ because you know the world is hard.

5. Razzles are always a good choice: They are the ultimate candy and gum. They also turn your tongue red!

4. Arm hair just shows up: When you’re a kid you never pay attention, then all the sudden the guy you like has arm hair. Also, saying “You have arm hair” can really kill the vibe.

3. Thriller will always get the party going: When in fear of a dud party, follow Jenna’s lead and break out Thriller for everyone to join the dance floor.

2. Ice Ice Baby is a classic song: One of the best scenes ever and you will never hear this song without imagining Alex, the hockey player, trying to perform a strip tease for Jenna while she just wants to play Battleship.

1. Throw your food in the trash: Jenna keeps throwing her food in one guy’s drink at the party.

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