1.Who you are in high school now has no importance.

No one cares if you were captain of the cheer team, or voted most likely to sleep in class. You can be who you want to be and start all over from a clean slate.

2. Capri Suns may not be filled with just your favorite childhood juice.

In fact, never take a drink from something that you have no idea what is in it. Be smart if you do plan on drinking in college because boys can trick any drink filled with alcohol to taste like your favorite childhood juice.

3. The mistakes you make your freshman year of college will follow you for the rest of your college career.

You have a new slate yes, but you can't just #freshmenyear on your mistakes during the first fraternity parties you make and expect everyone to forget about them. You are beginning your reputation right when you go to college, so make it one that you will be proud of your senior year.

4. If a guy asks you to go on a "walk" during a party, he doesn't want to have a deep conversation in private (usually).

He also doesn't need to show you a cool room or something upstairs. Always stay near big groups of people if you have no desire to hookup with anyone, and trust no boy no matter how blue his eyes are.

5. Just because boys are in college and are adults does not make them mature.

In fact, you are about to witness some of the most immature boys of your life. Beware of this and the manipulation their words can bring. Always look for the best in people; but at the same time, always wait for actions and proof of their authenticity before trusting them with your heart.

6. You will gain weight.

Five pounds is not the end of the world though. Try to get on a good workout schedule to prevent too much weight gain.

7. Be real.

By college, no one cares if you are quirky and smart, or loud and outgoing anymore; they care if you are authentic. Most people can see right through those who are pretending to be something they are not.

8. Stop looking for a relationship and being desperate for one.

When you get to college you probably think there's a possibility you will find the one who will be your ring by spring. Yes that could happen, but more times than not, it doesn't. Yes you want a boyfriend but searching for one is not when you will find one. You will find a good boy when you least expect it, and you usually find jerks when you are desperately looking for one.

9. It is okay to be nervous.

Everyone is nervous when they leave all that they have ever known in their hometown to go to college for the first time. There is no use in denying it. Talk to older friends, older siblings, even that random girl on your soccer team who goes to the school you will be attending in August.

10. If you plan on rushing, don't buy t-shirts before you come to college.

When you arrive, there's about 50 XL Comfort Color t-shirts waiting for you, so you should just wait for them.

11. College is harder than you think.

You will be challenged academically and you will spend nights in the library, but learn to not procrastinate and to study rather than memorize information like you did in high school. College is also emotionally harder than you think and will not be perfect, or how you imagined it. You will have times when you feel lonely; you also will have times when you feel like you went to the wrong school, but have faith in God's overall plan and let Him prove to you why He placed you were He did.

12. Classy never goes out of style.

Have respect for yourself through your morals so that your future mother-in-law would be proud to show you off to her whole family. Be the person that you want your future daughter to be, and the person that you want your future son to date.

13. Listen to my grandma's advice: always remember who you are, where you are from, and what you represent.

If you carry that with you from move in day until graduation, you will be set.

Enjoy your final moments of high school, and your last summer with your childhood friends. You will be on to bigger and better things.