13 Important Questions I Have for 'A Cinderella Story'
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13 Important Questions I Have for 'A Cinderella Story'

What school holds a dance on a weeknight?

13 Important Questions I Have for 'A Cinderella Story'

It's no secret that "A Cinderella Story" is one of the greatest pieces of cinema known to man (and also one of my favorite movies). However, I have several questions about that movie that need answers...

1. How was Fiona able to keep her grass so green?

I mean there was a drought going on! Wouldn’t there be laws against such water waste???

2. Why did they call that one teacher a professor?? Weren’t they in high school??

I know some teachers have Ph.Ds that would qualify them to teach college classes but they typically aren’t called a professor so I’m just confused here.

3. Who was Terry talking to in his other universe?

Clearly, he was talking to someone…so who was it? Was that proof that aliens exist???

4. How did they manage to instant message each other on their phones without racking up a million dollar bill?

Personally, I couldn’t even hit the internet button on my flip phone without worrying that I was costing my dad $3 trillion in internet fees.

5. Why didn’t Sam and Austin tell each other their names when they first started talking?

I mean, this might be just me but on Tinder or whatever people usually know each other’s names when they start talking!!! Really though, shouldn't they have had some sort of profile in that Princeton chatroom?

6. What was the reasoning behind Fiona’s salmon craze?

Like, I guess a diet makes sense but for what benefit?

7. Why did Shelby order iced tea when she wanted something with no sugar, no carbs and was fat-free?

Iced tea, while there are probably minute amounts of those things, still probably has all those things in it?

8. Why was there a school dance on a weeknight?

Staying out till midnight (or later!!) on a weeknight?? No thank you.

9. Why was the orchestra just there when Austin needed it to be?

I get that they need to rehearse but at that point it was like 11:30 at night, so why were they there? Why were there chairs set up for a wedding? Why to any of this???

10. Why did Gabriella’s foot get stuck when she forced Fiona’s foot down on the gas pedal while trying to race Sam back to the diner?

There wasn’t any glue or anything and nothing was sticky so…still confused here

11. What school lets their students tan in the middle of the day?

Like, it was literally the middle of the school day why are you out tanning by the abnormally large pool???

12. How did the wallpaper just tear off?

Am I missing something when it comes to applying wallpaper? Was the guitar so heavy that it just tore right through the wallpaper?

13. Why was Austin’s father on the football field next to the coach?

He wasn’t a part of the team, if anything he was just a booster..so why was he there?

So many questions… so little time when it comes to one of the greatest movies ever made (in my opinion of course…)

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