The 13 Hottest Muns of All-Time

"Muns" or man buns are gorgeous on any man that has one. I can't speak for all women, but I love man buns and actually I will admit that I'm addicted to them. So for some lovely entertainment, I would like to share my favorite 13 men with "muns." 

1. Just look at how the light glimmers off of it. 

2. Hello, nice to meet you, you can be the father of my kids. 

3. Chris Hemsworth is Gods gift to women. 

4. Are you drooling yet? 

5. I know its not in a bun, but just imagine him with one. 

6. I will stare at you all day, so don't mind me. 

7. I mean, a group of them... how overwhelmingly sexy.

8. MARRY ME!!!!!

9. Hey honey, whatcha lookin at?

10. Scowl at me a little longer... 

11. No words for how soft his hair looks. 

12. Babe, you can bench press me anytime.

13. Brock O'Hurn... I can't I just can't. 

I hope you all find these pictures as jaw dropping as I do. And enjoy a little #ManBunMonday. Cheers!


He created the man bun. 

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