For those of us who are not seeing the light of Summer until mid May, we are constantly reminded of our friends who are spending their days at the beach, and not at the library. It seems that every time we open our Snapchats, there's yet another story posted about Summer and how awesome it is for everyone else. At this point, we're buried in papers, falling asleep at our laptops, and simply praying for a passing grade on our exam. Here are a few GIFs that accurately sum up finals.

1. Your angst:

2. Your stress levels:

3. Your morning routine:

4. Your daily diet:

5. Your study regimen:

6. Your need to reassure yourself:

7. Your need for others to reassure you:

8. Your hatred towards those on Summer vacation:

9. Your new life philosophy:

10. Your never-ending nerves:

11. But then you find some courage amongst the madness:

12. And you talk some sense into yourself:

13. Until finally, you're free with the rest of them: