The 13 Most Generic Sorority Poses
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The 13 Most Generic Sorority Poses

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by sorority girl squats

The 13 Most Generic Sorority Poses
ASU Alpha Phi

We've all seen them, liked it on Instagram, and wonder to ourselves if there is a Social Media Bible sororities follow to create such flawless pictures. Well here is my attempt to recreate the sacred text. Whatever it may be, it sure is working because the girls look as though they're having the time of their life in sororities — and if you aren't a Thigh Mega Tampon like Phoebe, then you're doing college wrong.

Disclaimer: No sororities were harmed in the making of this article. Also guilty for a majority of these poses.

1. The "fake laughing at each other" one.

We know you had to force yourself to smile awkwardly halfway open to make it seem candid because truthfully nobody looks good laughing naturally.

2. The “throw what you know” pose with your sisters.

If you take a picture and don't throw up your sorority gang sign — are you really even in a sorority?

3. The “casually lying on the grass in a perfect circle formation” one.

4. The “we’re eating food in a cute and silly way” one.

I just genuinely hope this pizza was consumed and digested in the end. RIP to all foods worldwide that are just being used for pictures.

5. The typical bikini beach babe one.

That. Six. Pack. Is. Unreal. Kudos to you for actually hitting the gym and eating salads religiously.

6. The one where we’re all holding hands and it somehow gravitates towards the middle.

It's called sisterhood. Look it up.

7. The “look of endearment and lust” one.

This is the OG love at first sight.

8. The “clean and coordinated recruitment outfit” one.

On Wednesday's, we wear pink.

9. The “throw what you know” remix where your back is turned to the camera and you are in exotic lands of some sort. Preferably a mountain you hiked or in a foreign country.

10. The big and little pose.

11. The game day one. GooOOo Panthers!

12. The big group, sorority squat pose.

13. The backwards — sorority snapback pose.

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