13 Forgotten Dorm Necessities
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Student Life

13 Forgotten Dorm Necessities

Make sure you haven't forgotten these useful college items!

13 Forgotten Dorm Necessities

As move in day for college students is quickly approaching, many of you are probably getting your bedspreads, posters and mini fridges from Bed, Bath, and Beyond or out of storage. However, no matter how prepared you feel you are, after a few days in your new room you will notice you have forgotten some things. In hopes of eliminating possible excessive trips to Target, I have compiled a list of dorm necessities that I forgot on move in day.

1. Large calendar

Many professors will give you a schedule of when your assignments and essays are due throughout the semester. Get yourself a big calendar so you can write all the assignments down, no matter how far in advance they are.

2. Rug for outside your door

Have guests leave their shoes outside your door on the rug so your floors don't get dirty. This is a must during the winter! If you don't have your guests do this then you will get salt from the roads outside on your carpet/flooring.

3. Cleaning supplies

There is no way to avoid cleaning, even in college. Don't get me wrong—you don't have to bring the whole supply closet, just a few disinfecting wipes and Windex here and there. I promise you will feel better if your room isn't a disaster.

4. Folding chairs that can easily stash away

Instead of having big bulky bean bag chairs or the clunky decorative chairs from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, just get a few folding chairs for your friends. When they come over, bring them out and when they leave, fold 'em up and stuff them under your bed. This will save you precious space in your tiny dorm room.

5. Popsicles

This isn't actually a necessity, but if you have trouble meeting new people, then this is a fool-proof conversation starter. Trust me.

6. Batteries

Get a ziploc baggie. Ok, do you have it? Good. Now stuff that sucker with all kinds of batteries. Get a variety. Now, take that Baggie O' Batteries with you to college. You will need those batteries for all kinds of things in college, and there is no way you're going to have the motivation to go to the store just for little batteries.

7. Command Strips

and Hooks

Stock up on these babies because you will need them throughout your college years. Get more than you think you will need. You never know when you will be getting a free school pennant or poster that you just need to hang up. The hooks are also awesome for hanging up wet shower towels after you get out of the shower.

8. Masking tape

I used a lot of masking tape simply from taping wires and extension cords to my floor and walls. You don't want to be tripping over them, do you?

9. First aid kit

Band aids, Advil, and gauze... oh my!

10. Fan and extra blankets

Dorms are known to have issues with heating or air conditioning. Better to be safe than freezing (or melting).

11. More underwear than you think you’ll need

Let's face it, no one likes laundry. And no one likes wearing dirty underwear. Just bring more underwear than you think you'll need and avoid these issues all together.

12. Swearing coloring books

This isn't really a necessity, but it is a great stress reliever. They also make funny gifts to your friends, FYI.

13. A water purifier

Water from water fountains always tastes a little funky, and this seems to be the same for college water fountains and faucets. Bring a water purifier, even though your college doesn't give you dirty water, in order to freshen up the taste a wee bit. It couldn't hurt, friends.

Thanks for reading! Check out my other article here.

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