After saying good-bye to our beloved Carl Grimes on Sunday night’s episode of the Walking Dead, some of us may be looking for some consolation. What better way to cheer ourselves up (or just get some good laughs for those who didn’t like Carl to begin with) than to look at some of the best memes that have come from the many scenes that involved Carl throughout the years, including the "Coral" memes from season 3, episode 4, Killer Within. These memes started popping up after dialogue, that should have been very serious after Rick Grime’s wife died when Maggie delivered her baby via c-section, became comical when Rick pronounced “Carl” as “Coral”. That face he made doesn’t help anything either. Whether you were a Carl fan or not, join me in reviewing some of the gems that came from this scene, and many others. R.I.P. Coral.




Not even Carl can stay sullen with this one.


I truly think Chandler and Andrew would both find all of these memes to be hysterically funny.


Ooooh, that's a pretty low blow, but hey, he lived (this time).


This masterpiece is a throwback to season 2 when Rick finds out that Shane slept with his wife. Good ole Shane...


You know you laughed even though this one was pretty lame.


We now know that one bitey boy did indeed win. Sorry Coral.


For the hundredth time...


This was one of the most shocking episodes for those that don't read the comics, but we will fondly remember that eye-pad because it meant he lived for a little longer.


I <3 Daryl Dixon.


This is something that I'm sure many TWD watchers have wondered, but I doubt that's the answer they wanted.


So funny, it's scary. You know you chuckled.


When everything is said and done, Carl grew up to be a pretty stellar person in The Walking Dead. From a little boy who never listened and always messed things up because he needed to learn the hard way, to less small boy that still needed to learn the hard way (like risking yourself for someone you don't know will be worth saving and then getting bit after you were told not to help any strangers during war-time...) he had a kind of charm about him. He was brave, stubborn, and always seemed to find a way to bring people together with a philosophical dialogue. Maybe Rick will be merciful now in his name, because surely not all the Saviors can be bad...Right?