The 13 Best Board Games For Adults

The 13 Best Board Games For Adults

For those who are tired of endlessly playing Apples to Apples.


Classic board games are great the first ten times you play them, but after a while "Monopoly" just isn't exciting anymore. There are tons of old and new options for when your game nights get stale. Here are the 13 best board games for adults who are tired of endlessly playing "Apples to Apples":

1. Settlers of Catan

Settle the island by competing against other players for resources and building settlements. Once you’ve got a feel for things, check out all of the expansion packs available for “Catan” that give it endless gameplay possibilities.

2. Pandemic

In this cooperative game you work with other players as disease-specialists to eradicate diseases that threaten to destroy the world.

3. Scythe

Race to conquer all the territory in a re-imagined 1920s Europe by vying for resources in this aesthetically pleasing game.

4. Secret Hitler

Each player is assigned a political party and character and works with other members of their party to elect government officials. Simple enough, except for the few Fascists lurking about who are trying to elect Hitler as chancellor. Hello, political intrigue and deceit.

5. 7 Wonders

Lead one of the seven great ancient cities to victory and build a wonder while you’re at it. Having resources, developing science and dominating military action will lead you to the win in this game.

6. Agricola

Take your farm from poverty to prosperity by being the player with the most valuable cards. There are many ways to upgrade and downgrade this game, making it accessible for all levels of experience.

7. Set

Compete against other players to make sets of cards based on shapes, shadings and colors in this fast-paced game. The player with the most sets when the deck runs out wins!

8. Ticket To Ride

Dominate the railways by connecting cities and fulfilling tickets in this super user-friendly game. Earning the most points with gets you the win and maybe make you feel like Vanderbilt himself.

9. Biblios

Compete against your friends to curate the greatest library by balancing resources and workers. Getting the most victory points will secure you the win, but more importantly, you’ll have a treasure trove of literary gold.

10. Smallworld

Play for domination of world that is just too small to support the civilizations of every player in the game. The winner will have defeated all competing leaders and amassed a wealth of coins in the process.

11. Cards Against Humanity

Everyone’s favorite party game for people with a twisted sense of humor. You compete to see who can make the most hilarious matches out of different words and phrases, ensuring a good time and lots of laughs for all players. Just don’t break this one out for family game night.

12. Carcassonne

The game board is created as you play “Carcassonne,” with players adding a tile every time they have a turn. It’s a dynamic game that changes every time you play. The player who gets the most points from their ventures (you can be farmers, robbers, monks and knights) in the game wins.

13. The Resistance: Avalon

Join the force of good or evil to battle in teams against one another on behalf of these forces. To win, teams must complete or hinder three quests with characters such as Arthur and Merlin popping up along the way. Once a team has won they then unleash their good or evil onto the world forever.

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