This is your summer, no matter your circumstances, no matter your actual plans. This is your summer and the reason is because you will feel comfortable this summer.

- No more comparing your self to beach baddies

- no more feeling bad if your not out drinking 70% of the time

- no more being jealous of other people's summer vacations

- you don't have to get ridiculously tan

- you don't have to keep up with everyone and their dog

But you will respect your body this summer in a way that you didn't think would happen. You will stand up for your choices and not be afraid to do what you want this summer.

I want you to be healthy, so I always encourage , not because your fine butt needs it, but more because you need it to release those toxins, to give you those happy vibes that you strive for. Spend some time alone and figure out who you are exactly, find what actually makes you happy, and what doesn't. If you can enjoy things by yourself you will never have to rely on anyone for your happiness. And girl I want you to be confident as hell coming into summer, because you deserve to be happy in the sun's rays, you owe it to your self to buy that swim suite that you have been longing for , for way to long.

If YOU are happy with yourself and is confident with the way you walk, people pick up on that. People want to be around good vibes, and if you are providing you won't have to go far to have people around you.

If you have a goal this summer to say eat healthier, get thinner, or change some of the ways that you live with now. You have to remember that you have to love yourself right now, in the body that you are in right now, because when you love yourself and accept yourself in the way it is right now. Your habits will soon learn to love you as well, because if you love what you see already you start to take care of it in a way you take care of a loved one. Before you can love someone truly you have to love yourself completely and forgive yourself over and over again. Give yourself a chance.

If you are like most college students this summer, you will be working your butt off, don't feel bad for not getting to do "lake days" or be able to go party all night long. You are working for a better year at school so that way you can enjoy school and not worry as much, so please keep that in mind. I know for a fact that its hard as hell and it gets frustrating when you can't socialize, but you are doing this for you. And you are way more important.

You don't have to give into stereo types this summer, be you and love yourself hard this summer to come into a bright fall.