The 12 Worst Ways College Tests You
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The 12 Worst Ways College Tests You

Paper tests are nothing compared to this.

The 12 Worst Ways College Tests You

Growing up is one, big, never-ending set of yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily tests. Honestly, every minute of the day is a test for some of us procrastinators -- will I get my work done today or tomorrow? Right now or in an hour? Seriously, you probably know about as much as me when it comes to answering those questions. But aside from the actual paper tests, we can all relate to these 12 tests we take every day:

1. The Alarm Clock

This is truly the single most common test we must all face. The playing field is completely leveled; you will either be getting up or you wont. This man handles it about as well as I do, but hey, at least we're up.

2. That kid in class who asks 100 questions

This is not attacking anyone who asks questions in class -- that can be beneficial -- but there is a fine line between asking a couple questions and asking so many questions the class actually just stops taking notes. So many questions that you've been looking at your phone for the past 10 mins and the professor is still talking to that one kid who is probably on his 89th question by now. Keep up the good work; this is a long test, but at least it's easy.

3. Slow Wifi

You are a good person. You do not deserve this. All you are trying to do is turn the assignment in, get onto blackboard.... watch Netflix, whatever -- and these people, who you pay for wifi, can't even stream at the speed of a DSL computer from the 90's. Somehow, there is just never anything they can do about it, or "it should be working fine."

4. Running into someone you dislike

Sometimes, college throws a little pop test at you. You'll just be walking along, innocent, angelic and then boom -- they come into view. You'll never know why they always seem to be walking in the opposite direction as you, coming right at you, but you don't care -- you just keep walking.

5. Group Projects

There are just too many things that can go wrong here. Some group projects are great, but usually when you are in a core class, you end up with people who don't care at all for the subject. Half the time, you honestly don't either, but you do care about your grades. So you either end up doing all the work, or someone who has no clue what they are doing tries to boss you around. It's usually one of the two and you don't like either.

6. Parking

It gets to that point where you have been looking for parking for so long that class is in five minutes. You become the Cruella Deville of driving and searching for one spot. All you need is one spot. Why is it so hard to find just one?

7. Someone sitting in your seat

Honestly. How do some people not seem to get the message?! When everyone comes to class, we all sit in the same seat every class starting the second week of school.

8. Slow Walkers

It is almost as if they have no purpose. The only line going through your head is, "Walk with a purpose, people!" How can someone have so much free time?

9. Mandatory Attendance

Just like Kourtney said, you are already doing so well showing up twice a week. What more could a professor want?


It's not only close to impossible to fill out, but you never get enough money. If FAFSA paid you, per hour, for how much time you spent on it, you could probably get more money that way. It's an all around stressful nightmar,e but you just keep typing and clicking over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Type, click. Type, click. Type, cry.

11. Walking to class in terrible weather

This lives on as one of the strongest tests for college students. Rain? Snow? Ice? Volcano? Texas heat? See you in class! Yes, that is a floating dumpster. Yes, that is an abandoned car due to torrential rain and flooding. Where is the logic? Miss one day or get swept up and miss forever. Come on college, get it together.

12. Projects Assigned Over Break

It's common courtesy for a professor to assign you a project way in advance of a break, but assigning it Friday before Spring Break or Wednesday before Thanksgiving and expecting it by next class? It's just so wrong it's almost not worth doing.... But you do it anyway because the whole time it's just this looming thing in the back of your mind and you want an A.

Looking back on it, these 12 tests are honestly harder for me than a written test. On top of that, these tests slowly but surely drain your energy and spike your stress. At least when you finish a written test what’s done is done. With these tests, they can happen over and over and they just build. My advice to you, over anything else, is to just breathe. Whenever one of these tests randomly pops up, take a deep breath. It works! Just remember, everyone is going through these 12 tests and many more at the same time. You are not alone. *sigh of slight relief*

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