12 Ways You Know You're A Writing Major

1. You don't have tests. You just write a lot of essays.

2. You read as much as you write.

3. You edit and rewrite and edit and rewrite.

4. People ask "What are you going to do with that degree?"

5. You freak out if you lose your flashdrive because it pretty much has your entire life on it.

6. Most of the time, you aren't a fan of math. Numbers and letters don't belong together.

7. You think literary jokes and puns are funny.

8. People ask you to edit their papers for them.

9. Writer's Block is your biggest enemy.

10. You tend to use words most people don't know in everyday conversation.

11. You're incredibly good at bullsh*tting essays.

12. You can't imagine yourself majoring in anything else because you love it.

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