12 Types Of Friends In A Group Message

We all have our friends and our friend groups that we love, and one of the hardest parts of being in college is having to be separated from your closest friend. But the invention of the group message made it a little easier to be apart from the friends you love most. There can be a lot of different kinds of people in the group chats, so here is a list of the 12 most common that I think everyone can relate to.

1. The one who always looks but never responds.

There is always that one friend who will read all the messages, but will never respond to any of them. They're there, but they're a ghost.

2. The one who gets annoyed with the rest of the group.

They get annoyed with everyone for saying a million things and not being able to keep up. They get annoyed with everyone for not ever saying anything. Basically they just get annoyed with anything.

3. The one who always changes the subject.

For reasons unknown to you or the rest of your group, there is always that one friend who will just randomly change the subject in the middle of a conversation. Nobody knows why, just go with it.

4. The ones who start to fight.

There are always those two friends who take whatever fight or argument they're having and have it on the group chat for everyone to see. At least it saves your friends time from having to take screenshots and send them to you.

5. The one who never checks their phone/Facebook.

Are they busy? Are they dead? Did they lose their phone in their room again? You have no idea because they never even check their phone to respond to you.

6. The one who asks way too many questions.

Where are we going? What are we doing? Will anyone else be there? Will there be food? Yes, all important questions, but there is always that one friend who asks a million questions at once and gets mad when you don't know the answers.

7. The creative one who knows too many things to customize.

It's obvious who is on Facebook chat the most. That one friend who changes the group name, chat color, and emojis—all things you had no idea you could change till they showed you.

8. The one who just wants to start drama.

That one friend who is the drama queen (or king) and just wants to start a fight. Get out, nobody wants that.

9. The one who just wants to be taken out of the group chat.

Some people just hate group chats. I know I do on occasion. I will forever love the "Do not disturb" function on my iPhone, and the ability to turn notifications off on Facebook chat.

10. The one who responds four months later (you know who you are).

No comment needed. You know who you are

11. The one who wants to plan everything.

There is always that one friend who becomes the mom (or dad). They plan everything, and when need be, they make the reservations or call whoever needs to be called. They put themselves in charge, and everyone else is totally OK with that.

12. The one who only uses emojis.

If you do this, stop. Just stop.

If you don't identify with at least one of these, you're lying. The group chat is an amazing thing that helps keep friends close when they're far away, but it can also be an awful thing that causes drama. Whatever kinds of friends you have in the group chat, remember to put the phones down sometime and spend some quality friend time together, all of you.

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