12 Tips To Stay Warm During Finals Week

As finals week approaches so is the winter weather. It’s been under 40 degrees all week and everyone is packing into the buses to avoid the cold.

I thought giving some helpful tips on how to keep warm this week would be beneficial to those who think staying in bed and hibernating is the best use of your time (psh totally not me).

1. Blankets

They are warm and fuzzy and give you that sense of comfort.

2. Snuggling with that special someone while they quiz you

Being with a loved one during this stressful season can be very relaxing. What’s better than that? Doesn’t that sound fun?!

3. Turning on your heat

If you sweat enough, then you won’t be able to tell that you are crying.

4. Jump in a hot tub with your note cards

Don’t let the note cards get wet, though! Otherwise, you can’t read the notes on them.. for better or for worse.

5. Fetal position in a library

All cuddled up in a ball with your least favorite books. Match made in heaven!

6. Pacing as exercise

It’s leg and brain day, every day this week. Blood flow and warmth at the same time.

7. Fort out of binders

Insulation is key.

8. Hot chocolate with little marshmallows

Little bits of warmth and joy to make you feel readier for the holidays

9. Hot chocolate with BIG marshmallows


10. Coffee with your friends to cry about this week

You will need the emotional support and caffeine.

11. Overheat your computer by taking out the fan

And watch as all of your study materials on your hard drive cease to exist.

12. Burning all your textbooks to create a nice, warm fire

You know you want to.

Good luck on your finals and stay warm!!

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