12 Thoughts You Have While Packing For College
    There's home home, where you grew up, and then there's your new college home. After a nice long summer, it is time to get back to that second, novel home, but there is one thing standing in your way: packing. Everything you own has to be evaluated, accepted or denied, and then condensed in order to create what will soon become your humble abode at school. The process is always underestimated and stressful, but if done successfully results in a smooth move. The lead-up to the move, however typically looks a little bit like this.

1. I’m not ready at all.

2. How many pillows is too many pillows?

3. Why do I feel like I was better at this last year?

4. My floor looks like a whole house exploded...send help.

5. I love space bags.6. Maybe I’ll be a minimalist this year. *50 boxes later*…lol nope.

7. Can I just be done?

8. No, I still have so much to do.

9. Yep, this definitely isn’t all going to fit.

10. I feel like I’m going to forget something.

11. To bring or not to bring? That is the question.

12. I wish I could just be there already.

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