12 Things I Wish I Knew My Freshmen Year

Looking back now, there are so many things I wish I would've known from day 1 that would've made freshmen year so much more bearable. So friends, I'm here as your guide to surviving freshmen year by following these twelve tips.

1. Use Rate My Professor

I'm telling you; use it, love it, live it. At any university, there are some really awesome professors and some not so great ones. I'm not saying you can't challenge yourself, but don't wait your time with a professor that's a notorious a**hole if you don't have to. Save yourself the headache and look ahead of time at your options before registering for classes.

2. Take Advantage of Office Hours and Tutoring

I know I know it can be intimating to go in and ask for help but forming a more personal relationship with your professor may result in a better grade. Separate yourself from the hundreds of other freshmen in huge lectures by introducing yourself. After all, they want you to succeed so take advantage of their time and get the help you need. As for tutoring, the Visor Center offers tutoring, finals preparation workshops and a writing lab available free of charge for students. These tools will help turn that B into an A.

3. Your GPA Does Matter

While I'm all for going out, remember not to let your grades slip. I couldn't even tell you how many people drop out after freshmen year because their grades were so poor. A lot of people come into freshmen year thinking it'll be so easy and for the most part it is, so long as you put in the necessary effort. After all, you are first and foremost here to learn and eventually get a degree.

4. Don't "Over-Study"

While it is important to stay on top of your work, studying for your test the next day at four in the morning is probably not the brightest idea. There is only so much information that your brain can retain from cramming. So be smart and space out your studying so you're not bogged down with it at the last minute.


This is one I cannot stress enough. I can't even tell you the amount of "required books" I have bought in advance for classes that I never even used once. Chances are, the first day of classes your teacher will give you a syllabus and tell you exactly which books you need to buy. Go off of what they say rather than school websites and save yourself some money. Amazon and Chegg are great options for book buying so check those sites out before paying a fortune at the campus book store.

6. Free Stuff

I'm telling you there is nothing more wonderful to a college kid's ears than the word "free." Festival ISU is the perfect place to get a bunch of free t-shirts, food and a million different coupons to local places. Not to mention it's a great first event to go to with your floor mates (shoutout to my girl Natalie). Who doesn't love getting free shit? A lot of businesses also offer discounted prices to college if you show a student id (movie theaters, nail salons, etc) so keep that in mind.

7. Make Yourself At Home

While you don't have to make your dorm room look like those girls from Ole Miss thats been trending on twitter (actual goals), add some personal touches such as pictures, posters or whatever makes you feel comfortable. After all, you will be living here all year so you might as well be cozy.

8. Get Involved

Are you feeling alone? Maybe not getting along with roommates or people on your floor? That's totally fine because there are 20,000 some odd other people on campus so don't sweat it. There are so many great RSOs you can join, not to mention Greek life on this campus. So get involved now when you have the smallest work load and thank me later.

11. Drinking is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Please Please don't be that annoying drunk freshmen. Just don't. Unless you want everyone to hate you, make sure to pace yourself and maintain a good buzz throughout the night.

12. Finally, Be Open-Minded

College is full of so many different kinds of people and opportunities that weren't previously available to you in high school. So don't waste your time being shy and put yourself out there. You never know what life has in store for you so give it your best shot.

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