12 Things I Wish I Knew My First Year At USU
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Student Life

12 Things I Wish I Knew My First Year At USU

Underclassmen take notes, you need to prepare yourself for whats ahead.

12 Things I Wish I Knew My First Year At USU

With the incoming freshman already on campus, I thought it best to give them all a heads up. These are the most important things I wish I was told my first year of being an Aggie.

1. How to walk up Old Main without dying.

Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth. Wear extra deodorant and avoid eye contact with the people sprinting up the steps past you. Try to make little to NO conversation as you struggle.

2. The engineering building is made up of smaller buildings. Keep an eye out.

Make sure you know exactly WHICH part of the building your class is in. I spent thirty minutes wandering around the “Lab” section of the engineering building before I realized what was going on.

3. People in Logan are naturally friendly, they aren't being weird.

Do not get freaked out by the random smiles, hellos, good mornings and conversations with complete strangers. The air is fresher up here, so everyone wakes up happier.

4. There is only one entrance to the Library. So, wear your walking shoes.

Sure, you’ll see many sets of doors on the sides of the library as you trek to the front. Just save yourself the embarrassment, all the side doors are locked.

5. The Animal Science Building is actually the Math and Statistics Building, try not to get confused.

When trying to meet with your math instructor, do not let the words “Animal Science” on the front of the building confuse you, you are in the right place. If you are still confused, it’s the scary old building on the left.

6. If you don’t have school spirit, you’re gonna get some.

If you can’t handle the Week of Welcome activities, I hope you heard about the football games… and Homecoming… and the basketball games… and the rugby games… and elections… and Miss USU… and the random booths that pop up on the Quad throughout the semester…

7. Reserve a library room for Finals now, or forever hold your peace.

I attempted to reserve a room the week before dead week, thinking I was being proactive. Literally every time from sun up to sun down, gone.

8. Think that boy is cute? Too bad he’s married.

I made the mistake of chatting up a fairly attractive man, only to have him call his WIFE OVER because we both danced in high school. Imagine that experience, but with every one of the opposite gender you will ever talk to.

9. 11:59 pm has never been a more stressful time.

A lot of professors make quizzes and assignments due at 11:59 pm every night. If you are not on top of things, you will end up staring at your computer screen at 11:55 pm, fingertips sweating, only on question six of ten.

10. Don’t buy a parking pass, because there is never enough parking.

My first year I made the mistake of buying a $200 parking pass. Want to know how many times I could ACTUALLY park on campus? A total of 14 times the entire school year. Save your money kid.

11. Canvas will never work when you need it too work.

You’re in the library and want to check your grades? SUCKS FOR YOU because Canvas is down. Need to submit that paper by the end of the day? OH WELL guess you’ll have to take the 20% deduction because once again, Canvas is down.

12. If you are not emotionally ready for an addiction, don’t go to Chugs.

Their drinks are so huge; their prices are so cheap. At first you’ll think you are saving tons of money. But going to chugs three times a day isn’t exactly considered an “affordable lifestyle” in college.

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